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The following water filter devices are currently our most popular water treatment units, especially water ionizers:


EOS TOUCH Wasserionisierer Touch Display Detail

The Fountain of Youth – alkaline, antioxidant, Hydrogen-Rich Water from a water ionizer

Since 1987 water has been filtered here, in the “Wasserstelle Munich”, quirled and since 2009, ionized as well. Alkaline water is, in our opinion, the first choice. Why this water has so many benefits? Find out more.

Electro-activated Alkaline Water | The Facts | 12 Min.

Water ionizer and Activated Carbon Water filters

Water ionizers are water filter devices which can filter tap-water and produce special properties in the water thanks to electrolysis. With the push of a button you will receive pure, alkaline, antioxidant water which has a really fine taste and a lot of benefits, especially when compared to normal unfiltered tap or drinking water. What is most exceptional is that this water has pure hydrogen. This we consider to be the main advantage.

What benefits can ionized water (also called Alkaline Active-Water or Kangen Water) have for you? Many queries can be found in the FAQ section, questions answered by Mr. Asenbaum after 10 years experience. This short but very effective Article about ionized alkaline water will also inform you greatly.

You’ll find a Video Presentation Preview by Karl Heinz Asenbaum about the technique and the history of alkaline, electro-activated, ionized water from a water ionizer on this site.

Dubai | Philosophy and History of Electroactivated Water

Karl Heinz Asenbaum presents with this video his  “Dubai Christmas Speech” for the year 2015. He tells the whole story of alkaline ionized water and shows that a water ionizer is an invention with extraordinary potential.

As the author of 4 German books about reduced water: “Service Handbuch Mensch”, “Trink dich basisch”, “Basisches Aktivwasser von A-Z”, “Elektroaktiviertes Wasser – eine Erfindung mit außergewöhnlichem Potential”, he comes to the conclusion, that alkaline activated water is going to be a revolution of the drinking culture.

Also, he proposes to use it to improve our daily food just by laying it in alkaline activated reducing water to stop oxidation and reverse aging. The video shows not only a speech, it also shows many reports of the experiments with electro chemically activated water which K. H. Asenbaum has undertaken since 2004. Finally, Mr. Asenbaum claims that hydrogen-rich water (HRW) is made best with a water ionizer with a diaphragm and will play a fundamental role in the upcoming hydrogen era.

Dubai | Yasin Akgün explains alkaline hydrogen rich water

Why buy a water ionizer from Aquacentrum?

Normally, our water supplier decides which water comes out of the tap. But do you really want to drink it?

Wouldn’t you like to design your own water, if it would be possible? With a specific pH-level and hydrogen content that you wish? With many or few electrons?

We can guarantee you: The active primary water from a water ionizer is the only and the most delicious choice.


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Thanks to our free > two-week trial period and the 182-day satisfaction guarantee, you can continue to test with us, until you find the right one for you.

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Our main message to the world:


“Be faster than the hydrogen car. Be the future. You are the hydrogen age. Nourish yourself with hydrogen.

Your nourishment is primarily your drink. Drink hydrogen rich beverages. Drink electro-activated drinks.

Electro-activate your traditional foods by placing them in electro-activated water. Like that you can compensate the sins of civilisation.”


Quote from Karl Heinz Asenbaum


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Your contact partner is Yasin Akgün, Engineer, TUM

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