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Preface to part 1

Foreword to part 1 of the book by Karl Heinz Asenbaum Until around 200 years ago, water was a drink of the social lower class. You had to boil it in order to drink it safely.

Drinking water treatment table overview

Drinking water treatment 1 and 2

Drinking water treatment 1 and 2 The following are two tables from the book Electroactivated Water, by Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Drinking water treatment 1 | Normal water - Chemical activation - Electrolytic activation without diaphragm Drinking water treatment 2 - Water ionizer - ECA functional water

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Water is not an element

Water is not an element Shortly before the French Revolution, Antoine de Lavoisier turned the image of water that science had previously had on its head. It is not an original element, as was once believed: it is hydrogen burned by oxygen.

PH value

pH value | Chemical acids and bases

Ph values ​​of common drinks

Ph values ​​of common drinks - from milk, fruit juice, coffee, wine, alkaline water, to lemon juice Typed text for the search engines (uninteresting)

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