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About us


Specialists in water treatment for more than 28 years

Already in 1987, water was filtered, swirled and also supplied here at Fraunhoferstr. 13 for the first time. Back then Wilfried Hacheney, the inventor of the water-levitation device, opened one of the first “water points” for vortex water together with his daughter Dörte Hacheney. For this, we are very grateful to them.

Thanks to modern information tools like websites and videos and also thanks to the special selection of products our highly ambitious goals are achievable. Please support our efforts.


Contributors in AQUACENTRUM

Passfoto Yasin Akgün, Dipl.-Ing. TUM

Yasin Akgün

Contact: akguen@aquacentrum.de , Tel: +49 89 41611799-7, Skype: aquacentrum

This water point was taken over on Christmas 2006 by graduate engineerand production developer Yasin Akgün and he is looking forward to bringing you closer to new technologies in this specific branch. He himself was active for one year as a sub-construction developer for photovoltaic tracking systems after his mechanical engineering degree in 2005, before following his call.

The German of Turkish descent, Yasin Akgün, was born in Munich on May 22, 1977. After finishing his A-levels at the Lion-Feuchtwanger-Gymnasium, he studied mechanical engineering at the TU München with deeper studies in integrated product development and information technology. …read more in the Biography of Yasin Akgün


Passfoto Karl Heinz Asenbaum

Karl Heinz Asenbaum

Contact: asenbaum@aquacentrum.de , T: +49 89 41611799-3

Karl Heinz Asenbaum is a journalist and author, a native of Munich, born 1955. After attending the humanist Wittelsbacher Gymnasium and studying at the LMU München with focus on political sciences, he first went on to work in radio in 1983 to where he stayed loyally for 18 years. He spent 35.000 hours in front of the microphone and was also a rhetoric and presentation coach. He started at Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting, BR) and became the youngest program director of a trans regional private broadcaster at the age of 30.

At 45, he moved on from the fast-moving radio world to the more lasting medium of books  and educated himself in the subject of medicine. In the year 2006, together with the spa physician Dr. Walter Irlacher from Bad Füssing, he released an overview on alternative therapies, the “Service Handbuch Mensch (Service Manual for Humans)”. One of the chapters “Drink yourself alkaline!” was followed up by a more sophisticated presentation in a book of the same name in 2008, including a documentary film.

Since then, Karl Heinz Asenbaum has been more focused on “activated water” and is significantly involved in distribution and research of electro-activated water through his publications and lectures.


Video | Philosophy of Electro-Activated Alkaline water

This is our best video so far

The author of 4 german books about reduced water: “Service Handbuch Mensch”, “Trink dich basisch”, “Basisches Aktivwasser von A-Z”, “Elektroaktiviertes Wasser – eine Erfindung mit außergewöhnlichem Potential” comes to the conclusion, that alkaline activated water is going to become a revolution of the drinking culture.

Also he proposes to use it to improve our daily food just by laying it in alkaline activated reducing water to stop the oxidation and reverse aging. The Video shows not only a speech, but presents also many reports oft the experiments with electrochemically activated water, Karl Heinz Asenbaum undertakes since 2004.

Finally Karl Heinz Asenbaum claims that hydrogen-rich water (HRW), which is made best with a water ionizer with diaphragm, will play a fundamental role in the upcoming hydrogen era.


More Contributors

  • Yasine Akgün, sister of Yasin Akgün, “jack of all trades”
  • Maxim A. Morosow, water expert and media designer
  • Michael Weller, video editing and marketing
  • Joseph Paul, webmaster and website concept
  • Nurettin Gültekin, installation service and equipment service
  • Radi Rettenbacher, AQUACENTRUM Switzerland
  • Yolanda Tenorio, translator, Aquacentrum UK
  • Muzaffer Akgün, Father ofYasin Akgün, repair-service

Other supporters of AQUACENTRUM

  • Helmut Moosburger: Logistics and shipping
  • And all the others, who contribute to AQUACENTRUM and have not yet been mentioned. Thank you very much in the name of water!