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Activated Water


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The Principle of Water Ionisation


With electrolyzed water, the cathode (-) produces alkaline ionized water with minerals (pH scope 7.5″’10) – such as Ca, K, Mg, Na, etc. because of the hydroxyl ion {OH-} generating reaction.
The anode (+) has lots of hydrogen (H+) (pH scope 3.5″‘6.5) because the oxygen gas (02) generates a reaction and acid ion water has many ions such as Cl, S, P. The alkaline ion water and acid ion water made by an electrolytic reduction water generator, has characteristics like those below.


The level of acidity (PH) is marked from 1 to 14. Alkaline has a PH of more than seven and acid has a PH of less than seven.



History and preparation

The catalytic treatment of water has been discovered at about the same time in Japan and Russia, more than 60 years ago. Since then, both the alkaline catholyte, and the acidic anolyte was industrially and medically used in hospitals for internal and external treatment.

Already in 1996, household ionizers were beginning to make their way across Japan for the production of Alkaline Activated Water. Currently, approximately 17 million Japanese drink this unique, clean, antioxidant water.

Studies show the effectiveness

The Japanese Ministry of Health has even certified that alkaline activated is beneficial to health in general and can help in particular with the regulation of intestinal complaints, hyper-acidity, chronic diarrhea and poor digestion.

The Japanese studies have shown that alkaline activated water ( AAW ) enhances the effect of antioxidants . For example, it could be shown that the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C in an alkaline activated water ( AAW ) was several times stronger than in tap water.

In several other studies, the damage to the DNA caused by free radicals has been demonstrated, and how the protective antioxidant effect of the alkaline activated water worked by neutralizing the free radicals.


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Alkaline water – Ionized Water | Water ionizer

Don’t know anymore how to cope with all this information? Do not worry, it always is the same product, more or less alkaline and antioxidant water, also ionized, which is split into its components ( hydrogen and oxygen ), also known as split water.

In our view “functional active water” means a water that has many positive health effects.

As early as 1954, Viktor Schauberger has spoken of alkaline water and claimed that it is: “The only and completely unknown (cancer) cure and remedy if applied in time.”

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Use of ionized Water


Your water ionizer has the ability to turn ordinary tap water into water with the ability to effectively counter the three most probable causes of sickness, chronic disease and premature aging (1) high acidity levels in the body, technically called acidosis, (2) damaging runaway free radical activity, and (3) body dehydration.

High body acidity is caused primarily by the foods we eat and the beverages we drink. Ideally our diet should be 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. In reality, the American diet is just the opposite.

Highly acidic foods include animal protein, grain products, dairy products, most beans, fats and oils and even some fruits and vegetables.

High acidity beverages include alcohol, soft drinks, most sports and energy drinks, reverse osmosis water (most bottled water is R/O water), and coffee. As you can see, it is very difficult to consistently eat an alkaline diet. When body pH is lowered (towards acidic), ALL major bodily functions are negatively affected.

High acid intake results in the creation of excess acidic waste. To protect the kidneys and liver, (our chief detoxification organs) from acidic overload, the body stores excess acidic waste in fat cells. In a continually acidic internal environment, these fat cells continue to accumulate, resulting in gradual and consistent weight gain.

The blood must remain at a very precise alkaline pH of 7.365. Should blood pH drop to pH 7.0, we would go into a coma and die. To buffer blood pH, the body steals minerals from bones — a direct cause of osteoporosis. High acidity levels in the body also hinder the body’s ability to circulate blood, raising blood pressure.


Alkaline ionized water at pH levels between 8.5 and 9.5 is VERY effective at neutralizing body acidity, helping to return the body toward an alkaline state.

It is a significant fact that disease will easily germinate and flourish in an acidic environment whereas it literally CANNOT SURVIVE in an alkaline environment. Free radicals are molecules that are missing an electron and are therefore chemically unstable. To become stable, a compelling chemical urge, a free radical must find an electron – somewhere.

Free radicals can and will attack and steal electrons from healthy cells, damaging them, killing them, or altering their DNA. Free radical damage has been directly linked to cancer. A substance that contains easily accessible or free electrons that can be used as an alternate source of electrons from free radicals is called an antioxidant.

Alkaline ionized water contains huge numbers of OH negative ions, molecules that have an extra electron, making alkaline ionized water a VERY POWERFUL antioxidant. As a side benefit, the interaction between OH negative ions and free radicals produces oxygen, providing the body with LOTS of NATURAL energy!

Alkaline ionized water is restructured, making it up to six times more hydrating than ordinary water. Smaller water clusters more effectively penetrate cells, resulting in much more efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells and removal of waste material and toxins from cells. Alkaline ionized water actually enables the body to heal itself and to keep itself healthy and free of sickness and disease – just what it was designed to do. Alkaline ionized water is very similar in nature to the famous miracle water of Lourdes, France, considered by many to be the fountain of youth.


How to use Alkaline Water?

8.5 pH (1st level alkaline water)

  • Use this level when you first start drinking alkaline water.
  • Drinking this level for one to two weeks before progressing to 9.0 pH is a fairly easy transition for most folks.
  • This is also a good level for mixing with powdered milk and for those with gastroenteric issues.

9.0 pH (2nd level alkaline water)

  • After drinking 8.5 pH water for one to two weeks, drink 9.0 pH water for one to two weeks before increasing to 9.5 pH (alkaline water level three).

9.5 pH (3rd level alkaline water)

  • This is the level most adults choose to drink.
  • This is also a good level for making tea and coffee; it enhances natural flavors and shortens steeping time.
  • If you drink alcohol, this level of water is good to help with hangovers. Drink two cups prior to drinking alcohol and two more prior to going to bed.

10.0 + pH (4th level alkaline water and the Turbo level)

  • High alkalinity water has a detergent-like effect and is able to dissolve and draw out oil-based substances (pesticides are often oil-based and not removed with standard water).
  • 10 pH high alkalinity water more effectively emulsifies oil, cleans oily or greasy items, strips oil-based pesticides off produce, and infuses vegetables with negative ions that retard their degeneration.


Some specific uses include:

  • Cleaning cutting boards, knives and dishes.
  • Sterilizing (by soaking) vegetables, meat, poultry, pork and fish. Also helps to bring out natural flavors and reduce acid.
  • Great for making soups. Infuse vegetables with a high supply of antioxidants. First rinse rice in pH 8.5 alkaline water and then cook that rice in pH 11.0 water to quicken cooking time reduce damage to the rice and maintain it natural flavor.

How to use Acidic Water?

6.0 pH (1st level acidic water)

  • Good for gargling and brushing your teeth.
  • Use this level water when making the batter for fried foods to make them crunchier. Also good for boiling pasta and noodles.
  • Has excellent cleaning and astringent qualities – tightens pores like a toner. Spray on your face and neck, tightens the skin and kills bacteria, clears up acne and reduces the appearance of age spots!
  • Ideal for bathing adults with sensitive skin and infants.
5.0 pH (2nd level acidic water)
  • Beauty Water: Use this acid level when you take a bath or wash your face. Also good for washing an infant.
  • Restores shine to hair / lends silky softness to skin.
  • Relieves sunburn.
  • Relieves skin problems such as psoriasis, rashes, eczema and dryness.

4.0 pH (3rd level acidic water)

  • Good for removing sediment/stains from coffee pots and teapots or cups.
  • Use this acid level in your humidifier.

3.0 pH (4th level acidic water and the Turbo level)

  • Strong acidic water has excellent disinfecting power that can prevent food poisoning.
  • This water kills viruses such as staph, strep, Candida, athlete’s food, fungus, e- coli, salmonella and a host of pathogens in as little as 30 seconds.

Common Uses Include:

  • Disinfect knives, cutting boards and counter tops (soak for 20-30 minutes). * Sanitize dish rags and sponges (soak for 20-30 minutes).
  • Sanitize your toothbrush (soak for 20-30 minutes).
  • Soak burns, eczema, psoriasis or other skin sores.
  • Clean cuts, bruises and scrapes.
  • Soak vegetables and fruits to remove impurities.
  • Filtered Only Water (Pure) Use this level when taking medication. The pH level of filtered only water is the pH level of your tap water.

Special Alkaline Water Usage

  • When cooking rice : Before getting rice ready to cook, wash rice with acidic water and soak it in alkaline water for 30 to 60 minutes. When the rice is completely cooked, it becomes cooked ion rice that has a good polish just as cooked glutinous rice, that tastes good, and maintains freshness for a longer period of time.
  • Coffee, tea, etc. Removes the bitterness of coffee and the astringency of tea while giving fragrance to both coffee and tea.
  • Soak fresh meat and astringent vegetables in alkaline water for 20-30 minutes to remove the smell of fat (from meat) and makes both the meat and vegetables taste better.
  • To maintain freshness, wash vegetables and fruit with alkaline water for longer lasting freshness.
  • Alkaline water may be good for hangovers when taking it before going to sleep or when the stomach is empty in the morning.
  • Try to cook bamboo shoots, tree sprouts, taros, and brown seaweeds through the use of  alkaline water.  The burning pungency of those food ingredients will be eliminated, and their unique taste will be retained. In particular, alkaline water eliminates the fishy smell when used in cooking with fish.
  • Animal distemper : Alkaline water has a good effect on infectious diseases (caries fever) occurring in puppies and filaria, making animal furs look beautiful and facilitating development. In particular, alkaline water has increased the egg- laying rate of chickens while making meat more tasty by inhibiting the growth of fat.

Special Acidic Water Usage

  • Burns and stanching : Acidic water delivers excellent styptic characteristics. As such, if cut wounds and/or burns are soaked directly in acidic water, or if a poultice is applied to them, good results may be obtained.
  • Gargling and respiratory diseases : In the case of a sore throat or heavy cough, gargle with acidic water for positive results.
  • Athlete’s foot For a person who has athlete’s feet, soak the affected area of the foot in acidic water for about twenty minutes per day.
  • Bathing, face washing, and shampoo : When washing, use acidic water that will be good for skin care. Acidic water can act as an astringent that makes your skin elastic, and that prevents chloasma, pimple, and freckles from occurring (your skin is lightly acidic by nature.) If you rinse your hair with acidic water after shampoo, the alkalinity of your soap will be neutralized and your hair will have a good shine.
  • The acidic water (astringent) used after shaving can be used as skin lotion for disinfection and as an astringent.
  • To help disinfect in the kitchen : Soak tableware, cutting board, dish towel, etc. in strong acidic water for about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Flower arrangement : Apply one part acidic water diluted with two part of water to the cut stem of the flower. The flower will remain fresh for a longer time.