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Aquavolta H2 Rocket produces alkaline hydrogen water

AquaVolta® H2-Rocket 2.0 for Minerade® pH2 Tab | Water filtering & pH increase & H2 gas enrichment without electricity

After 12 years of experience and 1 year of development time, Yasin Akgün, Dipl.-Ing. TUM, in collaboration with Karl Heinz Asenbaum, author and thinker in the industry, has developed a simple and cost-effective alternative to electrically operated water ionizers. ... read more here on the product page:

Customer videos Installed water ionizers producing basic H2 water

Customer Videos | Installed water ionizers | Production of basic H2 water | credentials

Experience reports through videos from happy water ionizer owners | References We have received videos from our dear customers for many years... ...and now Michael is editing them all one by one. We will present many customer opinions here clearly. The videos are not ordered chronologically, but rather randomly. Stay tuned, this post will grow by a few […]

Update 2019 Hydrogen water and hydrogen generators Yasin Akguen

Aquacentrum Update 2019 | Drink hydrogen water & breathe hydrogen

Yasin Akgün has been promoting education in the area of ​​water filters, water ionizers and wellness products for over 14 years. You can trust his recommendations, especially because he provides manufacturer-independent advice. He currently works with more than 20 different manufacturers from Asia and the EU.

EOS touch water ionizer ionized water

AquaVolta® EOS Touch | Water ionizer | New image video

Our best water ionizer | AquaVolta® EOS Touch EOS Touch water ionizer - 9 huge electrodes The 12-stage, easy-to-change XXL double filter system offers the best possible pre-cleaning and taste improvement. The large 7” TFT color display clearly shows all functions and also serves as a control panel. The modern hose plug system at the bottom of the device allows […]

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