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Alkaline Water Active | The Facts


The water expert Karl Heinz Asenbaum stated in his FAQ database, alkaline activated water, the following:

Since the nature of electro-activated water was not understood until recent years, since the first appearance in 1931 about 50 different names have evolved.

Initially, inventor Alfons Natterer spoke of acidic, alkaline and neutral electrolytic water.

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History and distribution

The catalytic treatment of water has been discovered at about the same time in Japan and Russia, more than 60 years ago.

Since then, both the alkaline catholyte, and the acidic anolyte was industrially and medically used in hospitals for internal and external treatment.

Already in 1996, household ionizers were beginning to make their way across Japan for the production of Alkaline Activated Water.

Currently, approximately 17 million Japanese drink this unique, clean, antioxidant water.

Studies show the effectiveness

The Japanese Ministry of Health has even certified that alkaline activated is beneficial to health in general and can help in particular with the regulation of intestinal complaints, hyper-acidity, chronic diarrhea and poor digestion.

The Japanese studies have shown that alkaline activated water ( AAW ) enhances the effect of antioxidants . For example, it could be shown that the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C in an alkaline activated water ( AAW ) was several times stronger than in tap water.

In several other studies, the damage to the DNA caused by free radicals has been demonstrated, and how the protective antioxidant effect of the alkaline activated water worked by neutralizing the free radicals.


Alkaline water – Ionized Water | Water ionizer

Don’t know anymore how to cope with all this information? Do not worry, it always is the same product, more or less alkaline and antioxidant water, also ionized, which is split into its components ( hydrogen and oxygen ), also known as split water.

In our view “functional active water” means a water that has many positive health effects.

As early as 1954, Viktor Schauberger has spoken of alkaline water and claimed that it is: “The only and completely unknown (cancer) cure and remedy if applied in time.”

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