Biography Yasin Akgün


Biography Yasin Akgün

Foto Yasin Akguen Produktentwickler TUM abgerundetYasin Akgün, Master of Engeneering (Dipl.-Ing. TUM)

Contact Yasin Akgün

Telephone: +49 89 41611799-7
Mobile: +49 179 2166231

Skype: aquacentrum

Address: Fraunhoferstr. 13
80469 Munich, Germany
(across from AQUACENTRUM e.V.)

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CV Yasin Akgün

The Turkish-born, German Yasin Akgün was born on May 22, 1977 in Munich.
After graduating from the Lion-Feuchtwanger-Gymnasium, he studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich.
His specializations were integrated product development with Prof. Lindemann and information technology with Prof. Bender.
He spent his first semester work at BMW in collaboration with the Department of Ergonomics, where he also worked as a student trainee until he was able to study abroad.
First in San Sebastian (Universidad de Navarra) and subsequently in Barcelona (Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya),
where he completed his study-relevant subjects and in addition to the visit wrote a very interesting term paper on the witnessed ship-tanker disaster "Prestige".
To complete his studies, he analyzed in Sri Lanka at the University of Moratuwa,
the small hydropower potentials of the island for his degree thesis until the big tsunami disaster in late 2004 "washed him back" to Germany.
He just got away with his life, realizing others did not have that luck.
After completing his thesis for the Thermodynamics Chair of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) under Dr. Med. Jürgen Blumenberg and Dr. Spinnler,
thanks to their recommendation he commenced his short but exciting career as a substructure developer to Gehrlicher Umweltschonende Energiesysteme.
However, after the first implemented project, it became clear that trackers for PV modules are not really promising, not with rising metal prices and rapidly falling photovoltaic module prices.
Since he has been self-employed since 2004 with his magnet development and trade,
he joined the water industry as a freelance trading partner mid-2006 and in December 2006 the former Wasserstelle München was taken over by him for Christmas.
Since 2009, he has developed the AQUACENTRUM Munich into an engineering office for water ionization (formerly the engineering office for water treatment), as his vocation now goes completely into the water ionizing sector.
Let's see, what will come next. It is already exciting …
Personal story of Yasin Akgün
I'm really thankful how my life has gone so far. Even though at the moment I am in a very exciting phase of my life, and as happy as never before, I yearn for my dream city, Donostia or San Sebastian in Spain, in the Basque Country.
I like to share with you the following promotional video of the TECNUN, the faculty where I had studied.

Image Video Universidad de Navarra, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering TECNUN,