The causes of hypothermia-Environmental toxins

Heavy metals endanger our health

The term “heavy metals” refers to an accumulation of various types of metals in the tissues of the body. These heavy metals include lead, cadmium, arsenic, nickel, palladium, platinum and especially the highly poisonous neurotoxin mercury.

In 24 hours, the mercury in amalgam dental fillings can travel 3.5 cm through tissue and reach the brain in 2-3 days. Once the mercury accesses the blood vessels, it can also reach all other tissue and organs in the entire body. Heavy metal residues are often found in the brain, brain stem, central nervous system (CNS), bones, bone marrow, glands, connective tissue, skin and hair.

Two of these heavy metals are especially important in connection with low temperature: palladium and platinum. Both are used in catalytic converters for cars and are emitted in exhaust fumes. A detailed study by the University of Wichita and the University Of Notre Dame revealed this. These metals enter our organism through the lungs and food that is grown close to areas with heavy traffic, but also through the eating of livestock that has consumed these metals in its feed and through other well-known paths: namely groundwater and air contamination.

Palladium is a heavy metal known to cause depression in humans and also lowers the body temperature. Low temperature and depressive moods are symptoms or illnesses that are occurring much more frequently. Depression and hypothermia are closely linked. More than that: One is caused by the other. Depression is caused by chronic low temperature, which further lowers the body temperature and causes a person to exercise less, which in turn keeps the body temperature low.

Platinum is associated with asthma and other respiratory problems. Just recently the specialist magazine “Environmental Science and Technology“ reported on the dangers posed by platinum for our lungs and bronchial tubes as we come into contact with this metal on our streets. This heavy metal blocks respiratory functions and contributes to the inflammation of the bronchial tubes, which can trigger increasing constrictions of the smaller bronchial tubes and cause asthmatic ailments. Platinum is also associated with cancer and defects in newborns.

My book “entgiften-statt-vergiften“, publishing house TAS, 2007, deals with environmental toxins and also addresses the dangers that heavy metals pose for our health. This book helped raise awareness for the state of pollution in which we live and the, meanwhile, omnipresent toxins in our environment. Toxic metals play a significant role in weakening the immune system. People with weakened immune systems are susceptible to chronic and repeated infections through pathogens. Detoxing and ridding the body of these heavy metals, but also of other environmental poisons such as pesticides, chemical substances and, not lastly, medications, is always essential for recovery and health maintenance. By the way, this requires more than purging the body with a few herbal teas; detoxification with specifically formulated substances such as micronized chlorella algae is needed. You can read all about this in the previously mentioned book and hopefully draw the right conclusions for yourself. The focus is always on avoiding the sources of toxins such as amalgam or palladium fillings as well as on consistent and effective purging. I routinely use the respective treatments and preparations in my practice, which are described in detail in the previously mentioned book and on the associate website.

There are two other factors that can effectively support detoxification or make it possible in the first place: a relaxed body and mind and – you guessed it – sufficient body heat.



Relaxation supports the detoxification process

I do not know of any physical, spiritual or intellectual function in our organism that does not benefit from relaxation. Creativity, blood flow, metabolism, the supply and cleansing of tissue and cells, but also every physical and mental exertion are positively affected by a relaxed inner attitude. Inner peace, contemplation, grounding or meditation connects us to our inner source of strength. Athletes talk about the “flow”, a state of relaxation in which peak performances are possible. A person who is adept at “letting go” can also more easily let go of toxins and unwanted, harmful and poisonous substances. Experiments conducted at a seminar with micronized chlorella showed that the test subjects were able to excrete up to three times more mercury in their urine by performing several relaxation exercises and meditations beforehand. I, therefore, would advise everyone to find their own path to a relaxed life, be it through meditation, music, reading or other “non-activities”.



A few years ago, I developed certain “powernap CDs” for this purpose. A powernap is a way to easily achieve a state of deep relaxation. These guided naps can produce profound states of relaxation through music, whispered affirmations and wonderful acoustic patterns or natural sounds. Moreover, a special detox program for the Alpha8 programs also contains specific frequencies that accelerate and enhance the detoxification process. You can read more about it on my website. English-speakers can download my CD “PowernaPlus-Vitality“ as an MP3 on all known music portals.

Unfortunately, stress is a constant companion for us these days. Stressful situations require the human organism to focus all its energy on survival, causing the adrenal glands to release another hormone: adrenaline.

Persistent stress over years depletes the adrenal glands, which again results in chronic adrenaline deficiency. Adrenaline is the antagonist to insulin. While insulin channels existing blood sugar into cells, adrenaline expels the sugar again from the cells into the blood, which provides us with sufficient sugar and energy for fight or flight. The necessary sugar balance in the cell is disturbed if adrenaline is not released. It should always be ensured that sufficient sugar is transported to the cells, but also that the excessive sugar is expelled from the cells again. The consequence of adrenaline deficiency: Sugar remains in the cells, and the excessive sugar in the cells alters the burning process. The cells lapse into a fermentation-based instead of an oxygen-based metabolism. Medical professionals become greatly alarmed when they hear “fermentation-based metabolism”. We know that fermentation multiplies the division rate of cancer cells.

For the trained observer, chronic adrenaline deficiency as an expression of depleted adrenaline glands is always a wake-up call suggesting cell degeneration and cancer.


98.6°F and hyperthermia support detoxification

A sufficient or increased body temperature – as previously mentioned – provides further support for a well-functioning and effective detoxification. Many heavy metals are problematic since the poisonous substances are deposited deep within the connective tissue or even the cells. These innermost connective tissues are often cold, rigid and hardened, greatly inhibiting any form of exchange. The substances for binding toxins do not arrive at the proper location if the supply is not optimal since blood vessels are tense and the lymphs flow too slowly. Inversely this means that a warming of tissue, blood and lymph vessels ensures a better supply with oxygen and negative ions while improving the dissolution and binding of toxins.

We are familiar with this complex process from daily life e.g. when we go to the sauna, sweat during exercise, get a massage or take a hot bath. Medical professionals and shamans all over the world know about this effect and heal through sweat lodges, rubdowns and other measures that produce artificial fever.

One of the best contemporary therapeutic applications is the infrared mat, which can generate mild to intensive heat at various settings. Infrared is a wonderful form of light with tremendous healing powers. Infrared mats combine this restorative radiation with negative ions, another source for sustainable healing and toxicity purging.


BioMat Professional | Single | King | Mini-Mat


This is why raising the body temperature to 98.6°F is an important and necessary step for effective detoxification. The flow of bodily fluids is restored when the body temperature is increased to its ideal and natural level; detox preparations can reach their full efficacy and bind and expel heavy metals as well as other environmental positions.


Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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