Charging cell water

The beneficial infrared light

A battery is always a source or a guarantor for energy. However, physics teaches us the following: The greater the contrast between plus and minus – the thicker the two layers – the stronger the battery power. This phenomenon is especially interesting since it also occurs within our bodies. The water in our bodies is mainly located in and around the cells. Our cells – as we have seen – are hydrophilic and convert normal unstructured water (H2O) into quasi-crystalline water (H3O2). We as human beings are, therefore, a walking and breathing water crystal, a battery charged by light. In a nutshell: Our cell water is made up of structured water! Professor Pollack talks about living water since it especially occurs within living bodies and has the ability to store energy. The batteries in our cells are charged with this H3O2 water.

As you have just read, 99% of the molecules in our bodies are water molecule, and only 1% consist of other types. The water molecules obey the principles and laws ascribed to water. However, most of the water in our bodies is H3O2 since it is almost entirely located next to hydrophilic surfaces. To summarize again:

  • Water molecules make up 99% of our bodies.
  • A high percentage of this water is structured H3O2 water.
  • Logically, we as humans must obey the principles and properties of structured quasi-crystalline water.


Professor Pollack then asked himself where the energy comes from that grows these two layers and charges the battery.The importance of the following discovery cannot be overstated in regard to its far-reaching consequences.

The conversion of H2O to H3O2 is performed through light and especially through infrared light.

Professor Pollack performed many experiments and demonstrated that the thickness of the EZ water layer is multiplied by irradiation with long-wave infrared light (FIR = far infrared light). The multiplication could not have been caused by the temperature effect of this light, but only by FIR. One should also note that the radiation energy of infrared was absorbed by the water and converted into crystallization energy. Professor Pollack has successfully grown EZ layers experimentally to a thickness of up to one meter. He concluded the following: Negative ions and solar infrared light are the two prominent charging mechanisms. In practical terms this means: walk barefoot and take sunbaths. As already recommended to many of my patients, an amethyst infrared mat can be effectively used as a substitute if these options are not available due to climatic conditions. Infrared mats supply the body with infrared light FIR and negative ions.

Infrared radiation, e.g. in an infrared sauna, greatly benefits the human organism. The daily use of an amethyst infrared mat, which additionally provides the healing power of negative ions, multiplies this effect.

  • For energy gain
  • As a preventative health measure
  • For healing
  • To regenerate cells and tissues or simply for
  • Anti-aging

All forms of heat and light recharge our batteries.Though other heat and light sources also provide some benefit, long-wave infrared rays exhibit the greatest charging benefit. Metabolic functionality is improved, and toxins are displaced from exclusion zones (EZ), which makes it easier to expel these. Nutrients reach the cells and are utilized optimally. We gain strength for regeneration and repair.


Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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