Charging through FIR and negative ions

Optimal temperature and exposure to sunlight improve our metabolism

This brings me back to the topic of 98.6°F as our optimal temperature. Only sufficient body heat and in particular long-wave infrared radiation are capable of recharging these batteries that optimize the blood flow’s supply of nutrients and oxygen as well as cleanse and deacidify and improve all organ functions.

EZ zones are charged a second time through negative ions. The thickness of EZ zones is further increased with the increase of negative charges, which enhances the power of the battery and accelerates the blood flow, allowing organs to work more easily and effectively.

We have seen that countries blessed with plenty of sunlight provide much better living conditions for humans since exposure to sunlight improves our metabolism. The main reason for this is the increased supply of vitamin D and infrared radiation from the sun and easier access to the earth due to a climate that provides us with more opportunities to walk barefoot. Exposure to sunlight is the simplest and most cost-effective preventative health measure if we choose to take advantage of it!


People who do not live in sun-rich countries can, nonetheless, benefit from these discoveries:

  • By acquiring and regularly using an amethyst infrared mat at home to compensate for the deficiency in infrared radiation FIR
  • Why not sit or place your feet on a grounding pad if you spend a lot of time in one place, e.g. at your desk, in an armchair or on the couch. Every negative ion charge helps.
  • Observe the following recommendations for low-temperature therapy!

Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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About Uwe Karstaedt

The German naturopath lives and works in Munich since 1986 and has published many bestselling books on health and alternative medicine. He is an inspiring speaker with a fascinatingly broad range of in depth knowledge about the basic principles of healing on all levels.

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