Essential return to basic human principles while living in the modern world

Life in our modern world is subject to many new principles and laws that did not exist only a few years or decades ago.

Professional life as well is completely different than it was just a few decades ago.



We can hardly even imagine a world without modern electronic media such as computers, smartphones, tablet computers and online networking via the Internet.Not only that! The logistics of our daily lives from shopping and acquiring items that are essential for life to the processing of formalities would all collapse without these modern means of communication.

While the modern world develops at a rapid speed, our “ancient” bodies still require natural phenomena that have existed for millennia: nature, sunshine, light, gravity, contact with the earth and oxygen.

Returning to the basic principles of human existence is more than an interesting life-style choice; it significantly contributes to our well-being. It’s a necessity – not an option!

We must abide by the laws of life in order to be healthy and rely on Mother Nature who can provide us with everything we need for a vigorous, long and healthy life. This book has outlined some of these preconditions, which include an ideal body temperature of 98.6°F to ensure optimum health.

It is now up to you to apply this information in your life.The insights and information in this book about optimal body temperature can manifest themselves in your life and contribute to the restoration and maintenance of your body, mind and soul.

For this endeavor, I wish you joy and the best of health!


Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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About Uwe Karstaedt

The German naturopath lives and works in Munich since 1986 and has published many bestselling books on health and alternative medicine. He is an inspiring speaker with a fascinatingly broad range of in depth knowledge about the basic principles of healing on all levels.

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