EZ water and circulation

EZ water helps blood flow

EZ water has a very significant influence on the blood flow through the capillaries. A charged battery is also formed on the inside of the tubes if it is filled with liquid since EZ zones are created for every tube form that has hydrophilic surfaces. Using the example of thin – water-filled – tubes, one can demonstrate that the water incessantly flows in one direction. The current never stops if a sufficient amount of water is present, and heat radiation ensures the formation of EZ zones. At first, this may seem like an interesting theoretic, but also irrelevant fact. The far-reaching consequences of this discovery become clear once we realize that our bodies are permeated by tube systems that are thousands of meters long.

Our capillaries are good examples of these thin tubes. The heat radiation in our organism ensures that the blood moves through our capillaries. This discovery questions the concept of the heart as a pump that maintains the body’s blood flow. Dr. Pollack quotes a concurring Russian scientist. According to the calculations of his colleague, the heart would have to build up a much greater pressure to keep up the blood flow within the entire capillary network of the human body. An insurmountable task for the heart! Circulation is living proof that our blood can only flow with the support of EZ zones and the created battery effect. The stronger and thicker the EZ zones, the easier blood can flow through the vessels and the less the heart has to pump.



Water in these tubes flows continuously in one direction. The same happens within our blood vessels. The thicker the EZ, the stronger the blood flow. And this is specifically achieved with infrared radiation. (The Fourth phase of Water, 2013, Professor Gerald H-Pollack)


Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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