The fourth dimension of water

The beneficial fourth phase of water

We learned in school that water as an element can exist in three aggregate states, either as a liquid or as a solid in the form of ice or in a gassy state as water vapor or fog. We always have an image of one of these three states in mind when we think about water. In his book “The Fourth Phase of Water“ (Ebner & Sons 2013), Professor Gerald H. Pollack – a water researcher from the University of Washington – talks about a fourth phase of water. This previously neglected or undiscovered aggregate state is described as structured or quasi-crystalline water. The structured form of water that forms on so-called hydrophilic or “water-loving” surfaces exhibits completely different and unimagined characteristics, offering us new explanations for the life processes that occur within the body.


This new state is also referred to as the fourth phase of water. It has a higher viscosity and density than liquid water and appears as a gel-like structure. The discovery of structured water is not only interesting to insiders and scientists. Prof. Pollack’s scientific breakthrough allows us to explain the human metabolism with an unparalleled profundity and simplicity. Moreover, his insights have very practical and amazing consequences for health maintenance and healing in humans and animals!

The fourth phase of water forms on the inside of blood vessels and promotes the movement of blood corpuscles. It grows inside the body e.g. when we drink spring water, consume an energy-rich diet, inhale oxygen, are exposed to UV and infrared rays from the sun or through grounding (walking barefoot), resulting in better health due to increased cell energy, an improved cell supply and flow of information within the body.

If you are able to bear with me as I expound some more elaborate and complex concepts, the next chapters will guide you through a discovery that has far-reaching consequences for us as humans. These consequences will explain light therapy applications, in particular the efficacy of long-wave (far) infrared rays (FIR) in combination with negative ion supply. I have recommended this type of therapy in my practice for some time now with excellent and remarkable results. The research by Professor Pollack provides logical and scientific explanations for its efficacy that is unsurpassed in regard to comprehensibility, clarity and simplicity.


Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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