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1. Who can benefit from infrared mats?

Infrared mats restore the optimal basic conditions for a healthy life: the body’s ideal operating temperature.Thus, all living organisms benefit from infrared radiation since all living beings depend on heat and infrared radiation from the sun. Infrared mats with long-wave infrared radiation and amethyst crystals that additionally ensure deep penetration are far superior to infrared saunas. Infrared alleviates pain and ensures the regeneration of tissue. Infrared provides safe and comfortable heat even for children, older people and pets. Infrared mats can be used by almost all people and under almost any circumstances. It is, nonetheless, important to understand the possible interactions and contraindications for infrared mats as for all types of wellness devices and medical applications.

2. Will the infrared mat raise my core temperature?

Infrared rays vibrate the cells. The friction creates heat, which in turn raises the body temperature. FIR (Far Infrared Rays) in the range of 6.5-12 micron deeply penetrate into the body’s tissue. The core temperature remains elevated for 8 hours after deactivating the mat.

3. How does an optimal or increased body temperature affect my state of health?

Health benefits are exhibited through physical changes. An increased body temperature activates and improves the circulation. Good circulation is one of the basic conditions for a healthy organism. Naturopathy, therefore, strongly emphasizes movement and heat-inducing applications (foot baths, dew cures, massages, fango, brush massages etc.). More than 3,000 enzymatic reactions are concurrently activated in the cells and tissue, which improves bodily functions and promotes regeneration and healing. A rise in temperature by 1.8° F increases enzyme activity by approx. 30-40%; a loss of 1.8° F results in a 50% decrease. People who are sensitive to the cold are sick more often since the immune system is weakened by deficient enzyme activity. A healthy body temperature is consistently above 98.0°F. Low body temperature creates an ideal environment for cell degeneration. Such deviations are impeded by raising the body temperature. A weakened immune system with reduced resistance against various pathogens is commonly referred to as a cold.

4. What are heat shock proteins (HSPs)?

Heat shock proteins (HSPs) are produced at higher temperatures, i.e. during infrared mat applications with higher settings. HSPs are produced by cells as a heat protection and play an important role in the release of endorphins (happiness and relaxation hormones) as well as T cells, NK cells and lymphocytes. The latter three cell types are important components of the immune system, which is strengthened through temperature increase and the release of HSPs. HSPs reduce fatigue and alleviate pain. HSPs are produced during longer infrared mat applications of 40-60 minutes at higher settings. A minimum interval period of 8 hours should be observed between applications with higher temperature. Application times that exceed 40-60 minutes do not increase the release of HSPs and should therefore be avoided.

5. What effect does the infrared mat have on stress?

Coldness or subnormal temperatures below 95.9°F places the organism into a sympathicotonic state, i.e. a state of tension and stress. Hormones are released during this stress response in order to cope with the stressful situation. The infrared radiation reduces stress hormones by up to 78% and brings the body back into a parasympathetic state. This condition is synonymous with a relaxed state in which regeneration, metabolic processes, digestion and the immune system function optimally.

6. What effect does the infrared mat have on body weight?

Infrared rays vibrate the body cells causing these to produce more energy (heat). This, in turn, re-activates fat cells, which transforms fat into heat, effectively “burning” it off. In regard to caloric consumption, the time spent on an infrared mat is comparable to an equal amount of time spent rowing or jogging.

7. Can I use the infrared mat for detoxification?

The activation of body cells through oscillation (vibration) alleviates the excretion of toxins inside the cells or cell walls. The higher the temperature, the faster the detoxification rate. The infrared mat application provides all important preconditions for an effective detoxification: relaxation in a parasympathetic state, cell activation through FIR, sweating, optimal circulation, sufficient supply of negative ions. Excretion can be supported by drinking a sufficient amount of liquids, e.g. alkaline ionized water, PH9 water and toxin-binding substances (micronized chlorella).

8. What are negative ions and what benefit do these provide?

Negative ions are particles or molecules that have more electrons than protons. Negative ions occur in great quantity in natural and clean environments, e.g. near water falls, in the forest, by the ocean, but also after thunderstorms. Our world is full of negative ions. This is why direct contact with the earth (meadows, earth, sand beach) has a healing effect on us. Two scientists, Dr. Burt Sakmann and Dr. Erwin Neher, received the Nobel Prize in 1991 for their research into the role of negative ions. Without negative ions, supply channels in the cells constrict, nutrient distribution and cell activity is impaired, and the body begins to send out pain signals. Pain is felt when the brain receives too many electric signals from positive ions.

9. Is FIR disrupted by placing a blanket on the infrared mat?

Infrared radiation penetrates all natural fibers. Cotton or camel-hair blankets can be used in additional to many other natural fibers. The temperature may have to be increased in such cases.

10. Does the infrared mat emit harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs)?

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) form around all electronic devices. Good infrared mats, e.g. the amethyst biomat, is equipped with precautionary measures that block all EMFs from the infrared mat and control device.

11. Can the infrared mat affect the intake and efficacy of medication?

The effect of medications or food supplements always depends on the absorption and utilization within the body. Improved circulation, but also an improved functionality of the organs (gastrointestinal tract) actually enhance the utilization and efficacy of medications. Medication dosages and food supplements can often be reduced if the infrared mat is used long-term.

12. What are the contraindications for infrared mat applications?

People suffering from illnesses caused by the depletion of adrenal glands or associated with adrenal gland weakness (MS, systemic lupus erythematosus, Addison’s disease) should not use the infrared mat at high temperature settings.

Generally, high temperature applications should be limited to a maximum duration of 60 minutes, beginning with 15-20 minute applications and then extending these once compatibility is ensured. High temperatures should not be used at night. Small children and elderly people who can dehydrate easily should use the infrared mat at lower temperature settings.


Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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