Healing with the awesome power of infrared radiation

My mother always took the red-light lamp from the shelf whenever I had a cold as a child.As I sat in front of it, I would move closer and closer, testing out the limit of how much heat I could bear before moving back again. The red heat always felt good as it freed up my blocked nasal passages. As a young athlete, I used the infrared lamp to alleviate pain in my hardened muscles. And today? Many of my patients use the infrared mat therapy as a crucial element to restore and maintain their health. I myself use it on a daily basis and even sleep on it; I would not want to go without the additional heat supply and deep relaxation that an amethyst infrared mat can provide.Taking a timeout with my deep relaxation CDs while lying on the biomat is one of my daily rituals.


What is infrared light?

Infrared is a type of light radiation that is invisible to the human eye and refers to radiation below the red spectrum of visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Almost 50% of the solar energy that warms the earth is infrared radiation. Half of the heat we feel when we are sitting at a café and enjoying the sunshine is caused by infrared radiation.


Sunlight with infrared radiation (BeyondBeds.com)

If we are not sufficiently supplied with warming sunlight, we miss out on more than life-essential UV rays that our skin uses to produce vitamin D. We lack the heat supplied by infrared radiation that warms us on the inside right down to our bones. Knowledge about the healing and protective function of vitamin D for bones, nerves, the psyche and cancer prevention has spread in recent years. Many readers know about the curative effect of infrared radiation from the sun or other sources. Infrared and UV rays that produce vitamin D are two healing components of sunlight. As a health professional, one can only throw up one’s hands in despair when reading about the dangers of exposure to sunlight and how to best protect oneself with a high sun protection factor from this “yellow monster”.


A herniated disc in the neck (6th /7th vertebra) area that has manifested itself due to insufficient heat and blood circulation; diagram on the right side/down: the distance between the red line and the blue curve is too big (at the 2nd vertical line from the left) Image taken with “Oberon” diagnostic device.

Around 1800, Sir Frederic Herschel (1738-1822), a well-known musician and astronomer (discoverer of the planet Uranus), identified infrared radiation as an invisible heat radiation that still behaved like light. He later referred to it as “calorific rays“, infrared rays or infrared radiation. In science, one distinguishes between different kinds of infrared wave lengths, i.e. short, medium and long waves. The various definitions do not need to concern us at this point. An interesting fact in regard to the healing effect of radiation on our organism is that medium to long radiation waves have the most beneficial effect on us humans. These rays are within a range of 6-14 microns (1 micron equals 1 millionth of a meter) and designated as “vital rays”.


Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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