Infrared radiation and body heat

Warming deeply with infrared radiation

Most people, as well as some medical practitioners and naturopaths, completely neglect another type of solar radiation: infrared radiation.

Infrared makes up 50% of the heat radiation from the sun; it warms us instantly and deeply. What applies to UV rays is also true for infrared rays. We are not exposed to enough of these rays and are, consequentially, not warmed sufficiently. The effects of too little sunlight results in two phenomena that I frequently encounter in my practice: vitamin D deficiency and lack of body heat or hypothermia. A person, who is exposed to the sun on a daily basis and is heated from the inside by the infrared rays, also carries this heat throughout the night. Many people have experienced this accumulation phenomenon when they return from a vacation in the sun and feel “fully charged”. The heat reservoir can last for days – sometimes even weeks.

For us humans, a species-appropriate life includes other basic conditions: fresh air, movement, a species-appropriate diet as consumed by hunters and gatherers and a sense of belonging within a social network – a family or a clan. These factors – even if not apparent at first glance – affect our body temperature.


Infrared rays recorded with Kirlian photography (from the catalog about Biomats by Richway International Inc.)


Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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