Negative ions

The necessity of grounding

Clinton Ober quite recently (re)discovered another phenomenon around the turn of the millennium: grounding. Grounding simply means skin contact with the surface of the earth. We only need to touch the earth in order to supply ourselves with negative ions that are abundant within the earth’s surface. Negative ions are the smallest possible negative electronic charges. All living beings on land, in water and in the air are in contact with the earth; birds as well contact the earth’s surface from time to time. A species-appropriate life includes contact to the earth. Negative ions are necessary to disrupt the destructive power of “free radicals”. Negative ion deficiency results in inflammations since the positively charged free radicals are searching for electrons and attack the tissue.

Walking barefoot as well as standing, sitting or sleeping on the ground automatically connects us to the earth’s enormous reservoir of negative ions. A few centuries ago, we decided to insulate ourselves from the earth by wearing shoes. Today, most humans wear shoes and, for some decades now, trainers with rubber or plastic soles or flip-flops that effectively insulate us from any type of ionic exchange. This has resulted, among other things, in an enormous rise in inflammations.

Walking barefoot has regrettably become very rare in our latitudes. Please do so whenever and wherever you can. Our body only rarely has the opportunity to supply itself with negative ions e.g. through breathing. We can also receive a charge of negative ions through grounding mats that are connected to the grounding in outlets. Specific bed sheets are available on the market that can generate the flow of negative ions with finely weaved silver threads. Lying or sleeping on amethyst infrared mats also supplies us with infrared heat and negative ions.


Negative ions recorded with Kirlian photography (from the Biomat catalog by Richway International Inc.)


Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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