The preconditions for human life

From the viewpoint of a naturopath

It is important to remember one’s roots when thinking about a species-appropriate life for us as humans. By this I mean that, to this day, we are greatly influenced by the geographical origins of our species – as Homo sapiens or human beings. This includes our lifestyle, the way we keep ourselves alive and the type of natural and climatic environment in which our organism has developed. By the way, the same is true for all other animals. The natural preconditions for optimal health and survival are determined by the ambient natural world. Every plant and animal, but also every human being has the best preconditions for a healthy life if they live in accordance with their natural way of life and natural environment. Some healing plants are known to only develop healing powers when grown in their natural environment.

Every cow will develop better in a natural environment – on the pasture – than if kept in a barn. The same is true for all animals and for us humans as well. You will quickly realize this when you visit a zoo. Every respectable zoo tries to recreate a species-appropriate environment for its animals that is as natural as possible. Besides the material environment – steppe, grass, swamp, water, rocks – this also includes a species-appropriate climate. A species-appropriate diet is equally important. A giraffe kept in a zoo in Canada could not survive if these factors were not taken into consideration.



Imitations of natural living conditions have become so commonplace that we hardly recognize them for what they are anymore. As humans, we also could not survive in our latitudes without heated caves – i.e. apartments – and without constantly covering ourselves with “furs” – i.e. clothing. We only notice how essential a natural environment is when we spend time in different surroundings. For example, we always know that swimming in the ocean is only possible temporarily. For a fish or dolphin, this is entirely different. One can derive some interesting conclusions from the fact that the human species originated from parts of the earth that are climatically very different from the conditions in which Northern Europeans or North Americans live today.

The following chapters list a few factors that are especially important in regard to our health. Regrettably, these factors – though easily comprehensible – are rarely observed, which can undermine our health in the long term. This list does not claim to be complete. There are other health essentials ranging from psychological factors and the environment to cultural approaches that can positively affect our life and well-being. Nonetheless, the following aspects have an enormous impact on our vitality.


Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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