Species-appropriate life in a species-foreign environment

Restoration of a healthy and natural life

Once we realize how foreign our lifestyle has become, the question arises how to re-integrate the necessary parts of a healthy and natural life into our daily lives.If you break your leg, you will need crutches for a while.We also need crutches or a substitute when something natural is no longer available.

Many of these “crutches” have become so commonplace that we hardly recognize them anymore, e.g. glasses, contact lenses or laser-eye surgery,routinely performed for years now,to correct short-sightedness.A large part of our population would be massively impaired in everyday life without these substitutes.Our clothing as well is a “crutch”.Clothes were superfluous in a climate that provided human beings with sufficient heat. You have probably seen images of native tribes in the rainforest who do not need clothing to keep themselves warm. Clothing in other parts of the world also serves more of a social than a physical purpose. In our climate that is vastly different from our natural “habitat”, we have to adapt by covering ourselves with furs in order to protect ourselves from snow and ice. Clothing has become our modern fur, and without it we could not survive in many parts of the world.We should, however, not deceive ourselves into thinking that the climates in which we live are species-appropriate environments for us.

We must restore the fundamental conditions of such an environment in order to create optimal living conditions and improve our health. This is an entirely pragmatic endeavor and does not require elaborate explanations. When you are thirsty you drink. If you lack nutrients, you go about finding some. Your body does not care whether this is accomplished through food or food supplements. The main thing is that the body gets a sufficient supply of nutrients. If this can be achieved through natural means, all the better. All natural foods are superior to food supplements. All vitamin D formed through the skin is better than a vitamin D capsule. However, you should never deceive yourself into thinking that your body will simply compensate for the fact that you do not get enough food or sunlight!


Amethyst BioMat

Here are some very pragmatic recommendations for emulating a natural environment.

Much of it sounds trivial and simple – and yet we frequently neglect it.


  • We require food supplements to make up for deficiencies when our foods no longer provide us with enough nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and trace elements.
  • We need vitamin D3 substitutes if we are not producing enough vitamin D due to lack of exposure to sunlight. Deficient sunlight exposure should always be assumed if blood tests indicate a lack of vitamin D. This may mean taking supplements during winter or even year-round. People who work in offices should ingest food supplements until a vitamin D value of at least 60 nmol/L is reached, which should be maintained by continually taking supplements.
  • Vitamin K2 supplements must be taken if, due to a desolate intestinal flora, a person can no longer convert vitamin K from green leaves and plants into K2. Of course, another option is to regenerate the intestinal flora (vitamin K2 is needed to optimally utilize vitamin D ). Vitamin K2 should be taken as long as the intestinal flora does not produce sufficient vitamin K2, indicating that the intestinal flora has not yet been sufficiently restored.
  • Using an infrared mat is recommended in order to compensate for a lack of infrared heat if deficient solar radiation is causing the body temperature to slide towards hypothermia. Infrared mats are an excellent and natural way to restore an optimal body temperature.
  • A grounding mat or grounding bed sheet will provide the necessary contact to the earth if you are unable to take in negative ions every day by walking barefoot on grass, earth or sand for a few hours. This is an easy and free way to supply yourself with negative ions and benefit from the positive health effects. The previously mentioned amethyst infrared mats also provide negative ions in addition to the infrared radiation.
  • Walk, run or do something that brings you closer to the natural way of life if you perform sedentary work and do not get enough daily exercise. None of us are hunters and gatherers anymore, but we should try to reclaim this kind of life rhythm again.
  • You should also cultivate stable and close relationships to friends and family that enrich and stabilize you. Contact and the exchange of human warmth, joy and love are what make us human. Don`t restrict your relating to talking and mental activities: sing, dance, play, touch, create and share your activities!

Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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