Times of stress

How stress links to our health

Most people with chronic illnesses often share another characteristic: long periods of stress without sufficient rest.


The transition from large families to small families, raising children as a single mother or father, stress at work, the hopelessness of unemployment and the ever-present environmental strains due to exhaust, pesticides, toxins, noise, crowdedness, electro smog, neon light and other “blue lightdominant” light sources are only some of the causes of personal and impersonal distress within our modern society.


Stress not only jars our nerves, but also convulses the vessels and causes circulation disorders and high blood pressure. It is only a small step from circulation disorders to sensations of coldness. One does not need many years of medical training to realize this. In addition to oxygen and nutrients, our blood also transports body heat, which provides us with our greatest asset: “vitality”. Anyone who has ever had cold feet when afraid or in panic (=stress) can confirm this.


Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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About Uwe Karstaedt

The German naturopath lives and works in Munich since 1986 and has published many bestselling books on health and alternative medicine. He is an inspiring speaker with a fascinatingly broad range of in depth knowledge about the basic principles of healing on all levels.

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