We are all infrared radiators!

Radiating heat and love

Every living being and object with a temperature above absolute zero (minus 459.4° Fahrenheit) radiates in the infrared range, and this, of course, also includes us humans! The higher the temperature, the higher the radiation in the infrared range. Material and surface play a certain role in regard to quantity – i.e. the amount – while radiation always flows from the warmer to the cooler material: A warm object will give off heat to the cooler object. Anyone who has ever stood barefoot on a stone floor will have experienced this. Every mother knows this when she embraces a freezing child in order to give off as much heat as possible. Most materials in our environment absorb infrared heat, apart from metal. Oxygen and nitrogen do not resorb infrared rays, which is why the air in an infrared sauna is always surprisingly cool. Carbon dioxide and water vapor, on the other hand, absorb infrared radiation.


We are infrared radiators. The brighter the color on the image, the stronger the infrared radiation. (“The Fourth Phase of Water“, 2013, by Professor Gerald H. Pollack)

As humans we are concurrently senders and recipients of infrared radiation. We are capable of radiating between 3 and 50 microns. Most often our wave length is in the range of 9.4 microns. As already mentioned – this is within the healing margin (between 4-16 microns). We can draw the following conclusion from this: We all have healing abilities through the laying on of hands. Every touch brings alleviation and healing. Knowingly or unknowingly, we heal or receive healing through physical contact. We receive healing when the infrared radiation of the healing person is stronger than our own. Every mother intuitively knows this when she cradles her child in her arms to alleviate pain, confusion or sadness. If one measures the physical contact between a mother and a toddler or baby, one most often detects a wave length in the range of 6.3 microns. Interestingly, breast milk also flows over the largest “infrared radiator” in our body: the heart. This may help us re-discover why breast milk – enriched with infrared “love radiation” – is so special and important for the newborn child.


A classic illustration of Jesus and Maria radiating love and infrared rays from the heart.

Most people have heard about healers or maybe even consulted a healing professional who has such abilities. The healing qualities depend on the connection between the heart and hands. The heart is like a smelting furnace for infrared radiation and supplies the hands with the necessary healing or infrared radiation. The image of Christ or Maria in which the heart is depicted as the origin of love and healing can also be interpreted in the same way. We should never forget that we all have similar abilities if we are in harmony with our hearts.

Heat can be transferred in three ways: through direct contact with a warmer object (stove or hot-water bottle), through water or gas and, finally, through electromagnetic waves. The latter is referred to as radiation. When electromagnetic waves hit an object, they transfer warmth or heat. This transfer by radiation does not require a medium carrier. Radiation directly affects the molecules that are irradiated in its path, which makes radiation very effective as a heat source. Our sun is such a source providing highly effective heat radiation. The bottom images are an example of the various heat effects on a back.


The recordings show the different effects of two heat sources, infrared mat on the left, heating pad on the right (catalog via Biomats Richway International Inc.).


Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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