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You have surely seen images or videos of sunflowers in which the plant turns and orients itself towards the sun over the course of a day. Sunflowers are not the only plants that perform such an alignment; in fact, every plant turns toward the sun in order to take in as much vital light energy as possible. Plants love sunlight; they literally reach and stretch for it.


Humans are the same. We are highly attracted to light, heat and the colors of nature. It is irrelevant whether light, heat or colors originate from a fireplace, campfire or the sun; all of these energy sources entice us. Light, heat, energy, bio-photons, electrons, electricity and electromagnetism have an instinctive, almost magnetic, attraction for us. These energy sources directly contact the liquid within our bodies. Light forces interact and influence the internal water molecules.

Depending on a person’s age and constitution, 60-80% of the body is made of water. The younger we are, the greater the water content in our body. A baby or toddler is much more “watery” than an adult. The stated percentage values apply for the total body mass. Many people are not aware of the fact that water molecules are very small in comparison to other bodily molecules. The ratio of water molecules to other protein and fat molecules is even more impressive if one compares the molecules in terms of quantity and not in terms of total mass: 99% of all molecules are water molecules. According to this ratio, water molecules make up 99% of the human body and molecules from other elements, such as protein and fat molecules, only make up 1%. The quintessential conclusion based on this molecule ratio: Our bodies function according to the laws of water, which will be explained shortly.

We are, however, not only recipients of light and heat, but also senders of these energies. A person who approaches others warm-heartedly sends out and receives radiation on the same frequency. We cannot receive on one frequency and send out on another. A person who receives love and warmth automatically also sends out these energies on the same frequency. However, the inverse implication is also true. A person who is constantly bombarded with aggression will also tend to act aggressively – or defensive. That is why it is so important to choose one’s circle of friends and acquaintances wisely.

We constantly emanate who we are. Humans are inherently receptive to these energies. As babies, the receptivity for all forms of light and radiation is 100%. In the same way, we also emanate light with great transparency. This light force is translated into life force, joy, love and many other essential properties that make babies and toddler so appealing to us. All babies and toddlers have this natural charm and charisma. Children quite naturally bring happiness, love and joy into our world. Some adults as well have strong charisma and a magnetic personality. Individuals with extraordinary healing powers are known throughout all traditions; these healers are sought out by people whose own self-restorative powers are too weak to heal themselves. What secret abilities do these people have?

As human beings, we are moving and moved energy fields that are in a constant exchange with the environment. The interaction is not limited to one person, but extends to the environment as a whole: humans, animals and plants. On this energetic and informational level, we are all connected to each other, an enormous Internet of the world in which everyone is constantly “online”.

In simple terms, we can all see ourselves as generators of infrared radiation. Whether we greet someone with a hug or erotically embrace and cuddle our partner in bed, we warm each other with infrared radiation and exchange heat, light and love. Besides taking in foods and liquids, the intake of light in its various forms is one of the most important substances with which we are in constant exchange through our immediate environment. Light and love do more than nurture our soul. Our entire organism, every cell and organ yearns for light in its various colors and frequencies. We know that different colors of light influence our blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rhythm, brain activities and bio-rhythm. Traditional Chinese medicine TCM has assigned a color to the five elements that strengthen or harmonize the associated organs. Other systems of healing from other cultures have known about the respective colors and their effect on various energy centers or chakras within the body. The effects of light frequencies or colors as effective healing media can be reproduced with consistent results in scientific experiments. In alternative medicine, there are a multitude of methods, all based on the effects that colors and light frequencies have on body and mind.

Of course, we do not need scientific proof to convince us that certain colors affect our psyche. It is not a secret that bright red stimulates us while dark blue calms us down. Anyone who attempts to understand the effects of light and radiation on our organism in depth will encounter fascinating correlations that only emerge through many years of studies and experiments.

Infrared radiation has a special effect on the human body. Its frequency is very similar to the natural radiation of the heart. Our heart is the seat of love, benevolence, human warmth and affection. Love is much more than infrared radiation, but infrared is the carrier of love.


Excerpt from the book “Uwe Karstädt: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature

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The German naturopath lives and works in Munich since 1986 and has published many bestselling books on health and alternative medicine. He is an inspiring speaker with a fascinatingly broad range of in depth knowledge about the basic principles of healing on all levels.

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