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Electrically Activated Water | An invention with extraordinary potential | costfree e-Book (pdf-version) | 164 pages

We present you with the English version of Karl Heinz Asenbaum’s fourth book, so far his best and most comprehensive book about alkaline activated water.

Electrically Activated Water | An invention with extraordinary potential.

Electrically Activated Water | Video-Interview

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Facts that have been discovered by scientists and doctors in Germany, Japan, Russia and Korea in over 1000 thesis and thousands of scientific studies and articles.

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Legal Information And Imprint

Electrically Activated Water Legal Information And Imprint Author: Asenbaum, Karl Heinz Title:Electrically Activated Water Subheading: An invention with extraordinary potential. 2nd english edition. Based on: Karl Heinz Asenbaum, Elektroaktiviertes Wasser - Eine Erfindung mit außergewöhnlichem Potential“, 6th edition. Reviewed and shortened by the author. Translated from the German original edition by [...]

Table of contents EAW

Index | more below all book excerpts are listed as posts | The rest is in FAQ's Book title - Legal information Table of contents EAW Introduction to Part 1 Drinking Water Treatment 1 and 2 Water | The facts A short history of drinking water Water is not an element Water electrolysis PH [...]

Introduction to Part 1

Introduction to Part 1 of Karl Heinz Asenbaum's book Up until 200 years ago water was a drink for the lower classes. It had to be boiled to be drunk without risk. Nowadays mostly good water that has been treated flows out of the tap. It is seldom doubted that [...]

Drinking Water Treatment 1 and 2

Drinking Water Treatment 1 and 2 The following two tables are from the Buch Elektroaktiviertes Wasser, von Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Drinking Water Treatment 1 | Natural Water - Chemical Activation - Electrolytical Activation without Diaphragm Drinking Water Treatment 2 - Water Ionizer - ECA Electro-chemically activated water Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: [...]

Water | The facts

Life and health If the absolute majority of our body mass does not consist of water, then soon we would be dead. Water has to be continuously replaced. For no water molecule stays longer than 2 weeks in the body. Therefore a daily water replacement demand is calculated at 0,34 [...]

A short history of drinking water

A short history of drinking water Certainly no water for drinking  and if then only boiled: Since the beginning of civilization this was a clear message to everybody.For even in this day and age humanity has not managed to provide drinking water everywhere in the world,which just seems unthinkable when [...]

Water is not an element

Water is not a classical element Shortly before the French Revolution Antoine de Lavoisier turned the knowledge of water upside down which science previously had. Water was not a classical element, something previously believed: it is combusted hydrogen thanks to the oxygen. H₂O is a formula where two gases have released energy and [...]

Water electrolysis

Electron flow Diaphragm electrolysis takes place in a water ionizer.A direct current flows from the negative pole to the positive pole, whereby the electrons flow over the ions dissolved in water.Water in the cathode chamber becomes alkaline and electron rich (H₂ saturated) because of different electrochemical processes that occur. In the opposite [...]

PH values

Potential of Hydrogen All aqueous solutions, including chemical lyes and acids, have a specific pH value. The pH value is a logarithm scale of 1 to 14, the amount of H3O+ ions in proportion to the OH- ions. At pH 7 the ratio is 1:1. At pH 6 the ratio [...]

Average pH values of customary drinks

pH values of customary drinks - From milk, fruit juices, coffee, wine, basic water to lemon juice Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water - An invention with extraordinary potential.” Copyright 2016 Link - PDF short version of the book | Electro Activated Water This is page 14 [...]

Drinking alkaline

Drinking alkaline Excessive and unhealthy diets are an important reason for acidification related problems. According to Dr. Walter Irlacher, drinks are very underrated as hyperacidity factors. Often, more than half of the calorie intake consists of sugar - or alcoholic drinks. To replace some of these with alkaline activated water doesn’t [...]

Drinking acidic

Drinking and stress Cross your heart: If you are again in a very stressful situation, if work becomes too out of control, what do you do to calm down? Do you get another coffee from the vending machine? Do you prefer to quench your thirst with a coke or an energy [...]

Mineral water

Mineral water without carbonic acid Do mineral waters really have a higher value than tap water? The Drinking Water Ordinance is significantly stricter than the mineral water regulations. Only few mineral waters on the market would meet the standards of drinking water. Even still waters and many medicinal waters would not. Due [...]

Curative medicinal water

Ceramic and infra-red heat In the 19th century,as drinking cures came into fashion,people were more generous than today if dealing with packaging and shipping of a costly healing water.Bottles made of fired clay were mostly used. Ceramic is still inserted nowadays into high quality filters because it gives pathogenic germs [...]

Hydrogen as a healing gas

Hydrogen research Chart according to Dieter Männl, Hydrogen - A topic for new medicine, Hamburg 2014 In the 1970’s Vitold Bakhir discovered apparent abnormal properties of electrolyzed water. This lead to a gigantic water research project in the former Soviet Union.It was found out that some natural waters which were [...]

Water filtering at home

Easy drinking Before we start: You don’t have to treat all of your cold water, just what you wish to drink and use for cooking. So this is not more than 10 - 30 Liters a day. The basis for optimizing drinking water is filtration. There are different filters for drinking water. [...]

Under the counter filters

Under the counter filters These well distributed types of filters stop the filter cartridge from coming into contact with air. This prevents the development of bacterial growth and is the huge advantage over pitcher filters. Under the counter filters are not to be confused with domestic filter systems.These clean all [...]

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse Osmosis Filters Reverse osmosis makes it possible to filter water almost completely, like a distillation. You end up with practically nothing else except water molecules. The issue is: is this still considered drinking water? Legislators and the WHO 13) refute this. The Russian water researchers and Bakhir 14) report: [...]

Water ionizers

Electrolytic water ionizers These water ionizers (with built in filters) are one step ahead of water filters when dealing with water treatment: They activate tap water by enriching it with alkalinity and antioxidant hydrogen that neutralizes especially Hydroxyl-Radicals.In the Far East like Japan, water ionizers are part of a healthy [...]

Batch water ionizers

Batch water ionizers Batch ionizers have been known since 1931. They are the initial and easiest way to gain electrolytically activated water. The producers have not yet received a design prize.Functionality lies at the forefront. These devices cost a third of what a decent flow through ionizer would cost you. [...]

Batch water ionizers as ECA devices

ECA water Batch water ionizers are very popular in the CIS states. However, these do not meet the demands of electro-technical or hygienic European standards. The reason for the high acceptance in the CIS states and the Baltic States are due to the research of the so called “Taschkent Team” [...]

Flow through water ionizers

Around the world Flow through water ionizers were developed in the Soviet Union and Japan.Yet only the Japanese design pushed itself through internationally,most recently being very successful with the help of Korean designers and engineers.They travel around the world to study other water types and fulfil new consumer demands. Particularly [...]

Technology of flow through ionizers

Technology of flow through ionizers You see on the left a simplified picture of what happens in the chamber of a simple diaphragm electrolysis cell to the dissolved anions and cations: depending on the charge they will separately distribute themselves to the chambers. The laid out decomposition voltage of the [...]

Counter top water ionizers

Counter top water ionizers Aquavolta M1 counter top device with 1 built in exchangeable filter and 7 electrodes Counter top water ionizers usually look quite similar.In the housing you have the exchangeable pre filter units,the direct current supply from a transformer or switching power supplies and the electrolysis cell.On the top [...]

Undersink water ionizers

Designer kitchen Many people wanting to acquire a water ionizer for their well designed kitchen have their eye on an under the counter model because of the visibly disturbing hoses from counter top models.Like this the device disappears under the sink.With this type,activated water is drawn off with a neat [...]

Undersink ionizers with modern technology

Undersink ionizers with modern technology Under the counter water ionizers have to deal with a fundamental problem: alkaline water usually flows out of the upper faucet (purple) and acidic water flows out of the swivel tap below (red).Once you finish drawing water,both water types stay in the pipes, whereas with [...]

Flow through ionizers

Flow through ionizers: Connection methods Every counter top ionizer is delivered with a diverter valve (aerator valve) and with a few easy maneuverers it is connected to the water tap, like a table top water filter. This is the minimum equipment, even with older models. By turning the swivel you [...]

Alkaline activated water – Storage

Storage Alkaline activated water is drunk cold, best straight after filling your glass. If you realise that warm stagnant water comes out of the tap and the filters, do not hesitate to wait until it flows out cold. It can store more hydrogen like that! Do not fill you glass [...]

Water swirlers

The pros and cons If you were to compare wonderful, naturally flowing water from the countryside to water flowing through the pipelines to your tap, you cannot help thinking that water tastes much better in its natural environment. So many inventors, especially in the 20th century, developed swirling devices with [...]

Mineral (chemical) water ionizers

Mineral (chemical) water ionizers Since 2008 Shigeo Ohta clearly showed that the hydrogen gas content and not the negative ORP of alkaline activated water is responsible for the antioxidant effect. The term “water ionizer”, something only used for electrolytic devices, was broadened to “chemical water treatment devices”. The function of all of [...]