Acidic water – More than just cleaning

Acidic attributes




  • Alkaline activated water tastes subjectively softer than normal water, even though it is objectively rich in minerals and therefore harder, acidic activated water is objectively softer and therefore suitable for cleaning.
    After cleaning with it you will notice fewer lime scale streaks on tiles, mirrors, windows and floors and will use fewer cleaning products.
  • Our skin is slightly acidic, just like the acidic water from a water ionizer.
    It tightens the skin and regulates the pH balance after bathing, showering or shaving.
    Wrinkles are smoothed out and your skin will feel notably softer.
  • Very acidic water from a batch ionizer (anolyte with a salt addition) has a pH value under 3 and is a highly effective and environmentally friendly disinfectant.
    With this water you can rinse already cleaned baby bottles and make them sterile.
  • Anolyte water in a spray bottle works very well as a deodorant and can be applied for intimate hygiene.
  • As a disinfectant for livestock housing for farm animals like fowl, pigs and cattle anolyte is increasingly used because of its biocompatible attributes.
  • You can wash and sterilize meat products with anolyte water after opening the packaging.
  • Yet activated acidic water is not only suitable for that:
    do you still fry your cutlet in fat? We fry our meat in fat because the fatty acids ensure that the pores of the meat, poultry or fish close and the meat stays nice and juicy.
    Also hot, acidic activated water closes the pores and you will be surprised at how many roast aromas arise, even though you only fried with water.
    As an encore a tasty sauce is made at the same time.

Further uses of acidic, as well as alkaline activated water you will find in Part 2 of this book. Especially in the digital version there are constantly new ideas flowing in for uses of this kind of wonderful water.


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