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Alkaline activated water is drunk cold, best straight after filling your glass. If you realise that warm stagnant water comes out of the tap and the filters, do not hesitate to wait until it flows out cold. It can store more hydrogen like that!

Do not fill you glass or bottle from a height, as if to produce bubbles! Place the outlet hose close to the glass.

Ideally you should place it under the water surface. You will then clearly see more hydrogen inside with the visible hydrogen bubbles.


If you drink this milky water you will consume the maximum that the ionizer can produce.With the correct filling method you can gain one third more hydrogen. Alkaline water flows out of the ionizer with such a high hydrogen partial pressure that part of the hydrogen escapes immediately.

Small visible sparks can be seen if you hold a flame from a lighter to the output water.


Hydrogen also escapes from PET bottles easily. I. M. Piskarev has demonstrated this in the trial pictured on the left-hand side.
The left PET bottle contained hydrogen rich water, the right PET bottle contained tap water.

After twenty days the hydrogen water bottle shrunk dramatically because of the hydrogen that escaped.

Alkaline activated water can be kept for weeks in bottles made of thick, dark glass.You fill them to the brim and store them horizontally in the fridge.

Also double wall thermos flasks made of stainless steel offer very good outgassing protection, especially when travelling.You also keep the water cooler for longer. The ORP is also maintained. The previous opinion that metal is not good for activated water is only valid for acidic activated water.



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