Batch Water Ionizers

The effectiveness of batch ionizers


Batch ionizers have been known since 1931.
They are the initial and easiest way to gain electrolytically activated water.
The producers have not yet received a design prize. Functionality lies at the forefront. These devices cost a third of what a decent flow through ionizer would cost you.

They consist of an electrolysis cell with a cathode chamber (1) and an anode chamber (2), which are separated by a diaphragm membrane.
The chambers are filled manually with filtered water (4).
A DC power supply feeds electricity for electrolysis which is controlled with operating buttons and a timer.

The pictured AQUAVOLTA® BTM 3000 has a capacity of 2 x 2 liters. In one operation (30 - 90 minutes depending on the water hardness) 2 liters of alkaline activated water can be produced.
This is then filled automatically into the 2 liter storage container (5). At the same time 2 liters of acidic residual water are produced.

When operating the device one has to determine the timing for the desired pH value of 9 - 9,5. This is specific to the source water and cannot be predicted exactly.

As a rule of thumb one can specify:

  • soft water with a hardness up to dH 9: ca. 30 minutes
  • medium hard water with hardness dH 10 - 15: ca. 45 minutes
  • hard water dH 16 - 20: ca. 60 minutes
  • very hard water dH 21 - 25: ca. 75 minutes
  • extremely hard over dH 25: 90 minutes or more

These hardness measurements (°dH) are the German hardness degrees which you are able to get from your local water supplier. 1o dH corresponds to 0.1783 mmol/l. and 1.78 °fH (French hardness degree).


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