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Alkaline activated water & acidosis

Rolf G. asked me: My doctor told me after a blood gas analysis, my blood buffer would be perfectly fine, I was not in the slightest over acidic and would not need to drink alkaline water.


I answered: Then your doctor probably measured your standard content of bicarbonate in the blood, which should be for a man from 22.5 to 26.9 mmol / L. Bicarbonate or hydro- gen carbonate, HCO3 is the most important buffer to maintain the pH level of the blood. If the measured value is below standard, the doctor would certainly not give you alkaline water to drink, but a blood buffer solution as an intravenous drip to stabilize acidosis.

Alkaline activated water is not drunk in order to combat an already present acidosis in the blood, it would not be buffered strongly enough, even if it were made of very mineral rich water.After all, an adult has about 5 liters of blood in circulation – if these 5 liters were acidic, you would need to drink a tremendous amount to correct that.Alkaline activated water you drink best with a “subclinical” acidosis, so before serious incidents occur.

The alkaline characteristic of alkaline activated water is used, with a phrase coined by Dr. Walter Irlacher, as a “Perpetuum Mobile for deacidification”. He means of course, only in a figurative sense. The many bases in the water when consumed regularly, especially in the tissue fluid, ensure that no acidfication can build up which is in the end strong enough to acidify 5 liters of blood.As an emergency medicine for hyperacidity is alkaline activated water unsuitable. Yet it is the ideal replacement for acidic beverages.

Especially with high standard bicarbonate values one should check whether perhaps there is a chronic tissue hyperacidity. Sometimes the blood “hoards” buffer substances in order to be prepared for strong acid attacks, such as extreme binge drinking.

Interesting for your doctor may be to do a comparative blood gas analysis before and 45 minutes after drinking 1 liter of alkaline activated water.
In my experience, this improves regularly some core values which your doctor can see in the example above.Perhaps this will convince your doctor of the effect and recommends this to one or the other patient, which more and more doctors do worldwide.


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