The so called „contactless“ activation


Hydrogen and mineral transfer

When it was not known that migrating hydrogen gas was responsible for the redox potential’s waste in neighbouring fluid systems, all sorts of theories were discussed about a “contactless” activation. One cause of the “contactless” discussion was a trial that showed how a latex condom filled with electro activated alkaline water was able to, inexplicably, transfer its negative redox potential to the water that it was immersed in. Later it was realized that a condom is maybe not as watertight as one had thought.


The intestine is known to be porous. I have shown how well alkaline activated water transports hydrogen as well as the additional minerals in the body.

To illustrate this I filled a sheep’s intestine, usually used for Weisswurst, a Munich sausage, and filled it with alkaline activated water pH 9,5 and ORP (-) 349 mV and laid it for 10 minutes in a physiological saline solution (blood substitute) pH 7,03 and ORP (+) 194 mV.

The absolute ORP gain was 480 mV, almost 0,5 Volts.

Since it is again and again falsely claimed that inorganic calcium from hard water is not absorbed by the intestine, I decided to measure the hardness of the 3 liquids:

  • Physiological saline solution: 0 mg/l CaCO3
  • Alkaline activated water in the intestine 445 mg/l CaCO3
  • Saline solution after 10 minutes: 225,5 mg/lCaCO3

It shows that calcium has migrated effortlessly, like hydrogen. Minerals in water can be wonderfully absorbed.


Hydrogen and mineral transfer



The quick mobility of dissolved hydrogen in alkaline activated water has its limits when in packaging made of thick glass and stainless steel.
These are ideal for storing hydrogen rich water. Plastic wrapping is especially permeable, so it can be used to “activate” liquid contents like juices.
A high quality carrot juice was improved by pouring it into a freezer bag and immersing that for 20 minutes into alkaline activated water (pH 9,9 ORP (-) 423 mV (CSE). The ORP improved by 241 mV.

This corresponds to a 13 times doubling of the electron range.


Probably the most surprising results came from 0,5 l fresh, full cream milk in its carton, immersed for 30 minutes:

The ORP improved by 97 mV. I like to describe this procedure in my presentations as: “the cow in the fridge”.

The pH value, with all these examples, only changes positively by a tenth of the value. OH- ions are slightly inhibited by many barriers.


Eggs in alkaline activated water


Almost anyone can see, taste or smell if a cracked open chicken egg is fresh. But should eggs be thrown away or fed to the Easter bunny if they are slightly out of date?

If you place raw eggs 30 minutes in alkaline activated water, you will see it, taste it and smell it. Rotten eggs, where bacteria has already made its way in, cannot be saved.
Even very fresh eggs gain a lot from this procedure.

Two fresh, organic eggs from the same carton were separated into egg white and egg yolk and evaluated according to their ORP:


Untreated egg:

  • Egg white ORP: (+) 59 mV (CSE)
  • Egg yolk ORP: (+) 34 mV (CSE)

Eggs immersed for 30 minutes in alkaline activated water:

  • Egg white ORP: (-) 56 mV (CSE)
  • Egg yolk ORP: (+) 14 mV (CSE)

Absolute ORP gain: egg white 115 mV – egg yolk 20 mV


PDF short version of the book | Electro Activated Water

These are page 45-47

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