Drinking Acidic



Cross your heart:If you are again in a very stressful situation, if work becomestoo out of control, what do you do to calm down?

  • Do you get another coffee from the vending machine?
  • Do you prefer to quench your thirst with a coke or an energy drink to last through the day?
  • Do you drink a strong cup of tea?
  • Do you take a swig of a small beer?


And if you think about water: Which one would you choose at this time? Fizzy or not?

Carbonic acid is formed with carbon dioxide in water. The death in the fermenting cellar is based on the effect of carbon dioxide.
It is an unaesthetic gas and is used, for example, in slaughter houses.

Its calming effect is failsafe. Fizz is a sure relaxer.


Carbon dioxide (CO2) also calms the mineral water industry. They press this waste gas by the ton into their products

For poisonous CO2 keeps mineral water germ free for longer. Like this it can be stored longer and transported further. During transportation more CO2 is produced.
Yet global brands have to sell globally, so that it is worth the advertising expense.


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