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Historical Documents from Alfons Natterer


The historical development of the effects of electro activated water(EAW) first were discovered and marketed – then understood in the 21. Century.


  • Electro osmosis (1921 – 1930) In Berlin, the Elektro-Osmose AG of Botho Graf von Schwerin files a patent for producing,amongst other things, “artificial mineral water from electrolysis”.
  • 1931 – 1981. Electrolyte water from Alfons Natterer, with the help of Dr. Manfred Curry Fuss among others, encompasses medicine, agriculture and hygiene. The successor company NAWA still produce today an ointment essentially developed by Natterer, Elektrolytsalbe S®, with huge success in Europe.
  • The development of household ionizers in Japan since 1951.Emphasis: Alkaline EAW.
  • Soviet Union and CIS countries: Since 1972 the long, secret,state research in the Russian speaking world. Emphasis: Oxidizing
    Reduction Potential (ORP).The precursor Vitold Bakhir is today one of the leading researchers and entrepreneurs in the field of application of acidic activated water,acidic electrolyzed water, (anolyte). The terms “living water” and “dead water” start to spread in Russian speaking folk medicine.
  • From 1990: Water ionizers provide an “Alkalize or Die” boom in the USA, thanks to the book: “Reverse Aging” by Sang Whang.The renaissance of EAW in Germany begins in 2004 with the translation of the Whang book and the publishing of the German book:“Service Handbuch Mensch” (Service Manual for People) by Dr. Walter Irlacher, a spa doctor from Bad Füssing.
  • Unravelling the abnormal ORP of EAW from hydrogen research since Albert Szent György (1937 – present) is encouraged by Japanese researchers Hidemitsu Hayashi and Sanetaka Shirahata.
  • Since Shigeo Ohta proved the therapeutic, applicable effectof dissolved oxygen in 2007, a unique field of research “medicalgas” is developed primarily in the USA.Alkaline activated water contains a lot of hydrogen, therefore becoming very interesting to a wider audience. More and more Far Eastern companies start to produce water ionizers also in the West.
  • From a drink to a food supplement: The new role of alkaline activated water as a correction factor for an unhealthy lifestyle.Karl Heinz Asenbaum since 2012 calls for a “Redox Revolution”in his lectures: alkaline activated water should not only be drunk, but also be used for the processing, refreshment and preparation of electron poor foods. The ageing process can be stopped and reversed with the ingestion of food. That is the main thesis.

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About Karl Heinz Asenbaum

The Munich-based journalist has been working on the topic of "alkaline activated water" since 2004. For 12 years he worked closely with the alternative physician Dr. Walter Irlacher, with whom he wrote two successful books: "Service Manual for Humans” (Service Handbuch Mensch) (2006) and "Drink Yourself Alkaline” (Trink Dich basisch) (2008,2011). Since 2014 he has been contributing his knowledge and experience to Aquacentrum and giving lectures worldwide. “Electro-activated Water", the world's most comprehensive book on the subject, was published in 2016. View all faqs by Karl Heinz Asenbaum 

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