Mineral (chemical) water ionizers

Mineral (chemical) water ionizers


  • Since 2008 Shigeo Ohta clearly showed that the hydrogen gas content and not the negative ORP of alkaline activated water is responsible for the antioxidant effect. The term “water ionizer”, something only used for electrolytic devices, was broadened to “chemical water treatment devices”.
  • The function of all of the pictured devices of this type rely on a chemical reaction. By adding metals to OH- ions, hydrogen arises.
  • Dietmar Ferger has coined the phrase “mineral water ionizer” and writes that similar effects, as from electrolyzed water, are attainable.Yet, this is inaccurate, (cf. p 6-7).
    • Alkali and alkaline earth metals increase the pH value when added to water and sink the ORP by simultaneously releasing hydrogen.


Mineral / ceramic mix (Aschbach precious ceramic) in the tea strainer: The pH value rises 3 pH. The ORP sinks slightly to -80mV (CSE). To compare, below the same water electrolytically treated -222mV (CSE).


Magnesium sticks by Hidemitsu Hayashi: The hydrogen saturation (1490 mg/l) is not even reached by Hayashi’s own measurements, even with 3 sticks in 12 hours. Electrolytic water ionizers can achieve that in 60 seconds



  • Conclusion:
    N o free OH- ions are producedby inserting reactive material. The oxygen quickly deactivates the small amount of produced hydrogen. The water is also not filtered or filtered enough.

Certainly not an alternative to electrolytic water ionizers.


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