Natterer‘s era in press documentation

Natterer‘s era


In the 70’s two articles appeared in the popular German “BILD” newspaper.Natterer was then an elderly man, yet still successful and respected by alternative naturopaths and doctors. Hidden behind the portrayal of “Erika Röttger”is the Hamburg naturopath Edith Krebs, the inventor of low current therapy.She worked into our millennium with the Diagnostic Method developed by Natterer and Dr. Manfred Curry



Translation: How electric water can help with illnesses.

By Horst Wolf.

The naturopath Erika Röttger from Kiel can establish the cause of most illnesses with three glasses of water.Her healing methods are intriguing, yet successful.The 44 year old housewife Anna Harms complained about sleeplessness,exhaustion, anxiety and a skin rash. In six months she lost twelve pounds.Three doctors were not able to find anything wrong with Anna Harms.
Yet every day it becomes more difficult to do the household chores. Now she sits in the consultation lounge of naturopath Erika Röttger in Kiel, Germany.A slim woman, 46 years of age, resolute and affectionate. In front of Anna Harms on the small table are three glasses filled to the brim with a clear liquid. Anna Harms has to drink a sip from each glass. The naturopath observes her. After two minutes everything is repeated. This time Anna Harms has to drink in small sips, as if savoring a sauce.

“What does it taste like?” asks Erika Röttger. The patient hesitates, then she says slowly, as if doubting her judgement:“It tastes of…well…fish.” Erika Röttger takes this down on sheeted paper.The diagnosis is conclusive.

With the second glass comes the same question. This time is the answer: “It tastes like musty drinking water.” With the third glass she finally says: “It tastes like lemon with a small pinch of sugar.”

The naturopath leans back in satisfaction.Her diagnosis is conclusive. “You suffer from a malfunction of the liver and your hormone balance is disrupted.Your organism is acidotic. This is the cause of your complaints. Please avoid fruit juices due to their acidity and too much fresh fruit. Drink a lot of milk. To detoxify you must start drinking immediately electrolyte water – daily three times ten milliliter.”

Two months later the patient was indeed healed. What the naturopath did is the so called “Schmidt’sche Test to detect the electrolysis balance in the body”.

Every cell is charged electrically.

“It sounds confusing, but it’s easy to explain”,says Erika Röttger. It has already been scientifically proven that each cell is electrically charged. Pathological changes of the organs are caused by a displacement in the electric field of the organism. One knows this as acidosis or alkalosis of the body.

What the patient Anna Harms drunk during the test was a specially treated,electrically charged spring water from the Upper Palatinate. Depending on what the patients can taste after trying the three types of water; acidic water,neutral water and alkaline water, this gives an indication of the different internal ailments. With the same water used for the test the detoxification cure is also done. The electrolyte water brings the muddled up tension field in the body back into balance, the illnesses disappear.

With this method most organic illnesses can be cured.With external ailments, such as furuncles, acne, hematoma,bruises, varicose veins, ulcerated legs,arthritis, “Electrolyte-cream” is applied- it contains electrolyte water with an ointment additive.

For ten years naturopath Erika Röttger has treated her patients on this basis.She has healed thousands like this.Many mothers with infants that suffer from mysterious bouts of fever go to her. “It’s always the same”, says Erika Röttger. “The children are overfed with fruit. The fruit acidity displaces the electric balance, the cells begin to suffer due to an oxygen deficiency and what follows are malignant illnesses.”

A very tragic case illuminates how important it is to keep the electrolyte balance in the body intact: A 41 year old master bricklayer suffered from brain cramps, signs of paralysis and amnesia.The doctors never discovered the cause. When this man finally came to Erika Röttger, he was at his end. “The best thing is, I got into my car and raced down the motorway straight into a bridge pillar”, he explains.

The naturopath noticed the bad state his teeth were in. She took a blood count. The result: He had metal poisoning.He had two amalgam fillings in his mouth (mercury with silver fillings)and a steel bridge. “These three metals in the mouth work like a small power station. They had completely jumbled the tension field in the body”, explains Erika Röttger.

I sent him to the dentist, to have various teeth pulled out and have the metal bridge removed and prescribed an electrolyte water cure. Five months later was he completely healthy.”


Electrolytic Water Therapy

Beginning in the 1950s, Natterer was in an intensive communication with Dr.Albert Richard Riedel, a specialist for spagyric medicine.In Natterers legacy I found an interesting manuscript about electrolytic water therapy in German language, written by Albert R. Riedel. I suppose, it was written in the early 60‘s, but the origin and the timing could not be determined, because it was a bad photocopy. But this manuscript was later republished in English language in the journal ESSENTIA, Vol I (1980). This is the only trace of Natterers ideas I could find outside of Germany.

The subtitle of this manuscript is:

„The biological basic treatment for reestablishing order of the electrolytic household of the body.“

And here is the text in translation:

„What disadvantages have been caused to mankind the so-called civilized achievements of the last 50 years can possibly only be determined in the next century. The pollution of the air has risen to an unexpected extent. Cancerigenous matter, like soot, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, as well as burned hydrocarbons from motor vehicles, is summoning up its noxious effects with those coming from detergents, polluted and chlorinated water food-stuffs which have been irradiated by radioactive rays and „enriched“ by insecticides. All, without exception, damage the respiration and thus the cellular metabolism. Through the breathed air, stomach and intestinal canal or the skin. They reach via blood and lymph cells of the organs and connective-tissue.

Here now represented is the Electrolytic-Water Therapy, a healing method which does not heal by administration of remedies but by changing the isoelectric potential, enabling the sick organism to again fulfill its physiological functions. The isoelectric potential is measured by determining the concentration of the hydrogen ions. The measured value is indicated by the signs pH (p: potential. H= hydrogen).Thus, the pH value represents the measurable indication of the dissociation of acid, alkaline and salt molecules, triggered by the hydrogen ions set free by the dissociation and which becomes measurable in the form of isoelectric tensions. The scale shows the values 0 (acid) to 14 (alkaline). In the middle there is the neutral point 7.0.

It is known that nearly all enzyme and ferment reactions can only take place within certain pH values. Hence the following deduction can be made: Every normal metabolism can only take place within limits of a physiological pH value, which is subjected to certain fluctuations and is influenced by this value direct or indirectly.

When the pH value moves extremely to the acid or alkaline side respectively, disturbances are noted which can become perilous.

With electrolytic water a therapy to balance and regulate the electrolytic household of the human body has been developed. The electrolytic water is produced from a pure and excellent spring water and separated according to a patented method by electrolysis. This separation gives three classes of water with very different pH values.

Electrolytic-Water „S“ pH 2.8 to 3.0
Electrolytic-Water „N“ pH 6.8 to 7.2
Electrolytic-Water „A“ pH 10.5 to 11.0

These waters are recognized as medical specialty by the German Board of Public Health and registered under number H 636, H 637, H 638.“

(I tried to get a confirmation for this from the German Ministry of Health, but they had passed the files long ago to the European Archives, where no one was responsible to find them…)

Riedel continues: „What are the biological effects of this Electrolytic Water? The quality of these waters lies in its electro physical activity which can be measured as value of the pH. Thus, this ionized water can act through the skin as well as through the mucous membrane and take part in the metabolism of the most different tissues and organs. It can be assumed that an acid metabolism, a so-called over acidification, will be influenced by a neutral or even more by an alkaline Electrolytic-Water.

An alkaline metabolism will be balanced by an acid Electrolytic-Water.Depending on the required treatment effect, the Electrolytic-Water is to be taken by drinking it, or also in form of a poultice or ointment respectively.

Treating so-called inner diseases is realized by drinking Electrolytic-Water, normally 3 times a day before meals, about 100 to 200 ccm.

It is, however, possible to prescribe, if necessary, at the beginning of the treatment 500 ccm and more because the Electrolytic-Water in its three forms is completely harmless.

External diseases can be treated with Electrolytic-Waters by means of poultices on the skin through which they penetrate and reach deeper tissues.

Electrolytic-Ointments have similar effects. The active substance, viz. Electrolytic- Water is slowly released to the skin and penetrates in a more slow manner in deeper layers.

For what disorders can Electrolytic-Water be applied?

Basically, it can be used for treating any abnormal alteration of the metabolism. A regulating influence, however, can only be expected in those cases where the Electrolytic-Water is able to act directly. This can only be the case by means of the skin or mucous membrane and also through the stomach or the intestines which are transporting it by means of the blood.

Up to now the proved healings for the external application through the skin and the mucous membrane (poultices and ointments) are mostly inflammatory processes which are often accom panied by inflammation, swelling, heat and pain.

That is:

1. All inflammations of cellular tissues, furuncles, stings of insects, suppurative injuries, scratches of the skin, etc. But also bloodshots coming from contusions, strains, sprains, inflammation of the sheath covering tendon and arthritis, even articular rheumatism as well as inflammations of the mucous membrane, arthrosis or phlebitis and thrombosis and overcharged varix.

2. Varicose vein ulcers, but also other ulcers, burns and inflammated injuries caused by corrosives have been healed.

3. Among positively influenced skin diseases can be mentioned fungus disease of feet or between the shanks and in the armpit. Psoriasis is treated depending on the state of the metabolism with acid or alkaline Electrolytic-Water.

4. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina or glans penis have been treated with good results with Electrolytic-Water „S“ (acid) or the Electrolytic Ointment „S“.

Inflammation causes in the befallen tissue a setting free of alkaline albuminous substance which is neutralized by the hydrogen ions and free electrons of the Electrolytic Water „S“, making it inactive so that the inflammatory state is slowed down and healing can start. This explains why all local inflammatory processes mentioned under 1, 2, and 4 are treated with Electrolytic-Water „S“ or Electrolytic-Ointment „S“ respectively.For diseases mentioned under 3, fungus diseases, the Electrolytic-Water ‚A‘ and the Electrolytic Ointment ‚A‘ has given good results, because fungi are very sensible to an alkaline surrounding and easily decay and die under such conditions.

The treatment of the so-called inner diseases is based on the conception that the vegetative nervous system commands the phenomenon of life by means of his reins, i.e., the sympathetic nerves and parasympathicus.Effects of the sympathicus are the pouring of adrenalin by the adrenal ductless glands, the thyroxine of the thyroid gland, the conditions of fever rising the acidosis of the body.Parasympathetically influenced are the insulin of the pancreas, the luteum hormone of the ovaries, the conditions sinking fever and the alkalization of the body = alkalosis.From the overbalance of one part of the sympathetic nervous system over the other are resulting the different working conditions which can be denominated as sympatheticotonia or vagotonia (parasympathecotonia) respectively.These are always connected with very special and characteristic conditions of the metabolism. In the blood these differences are only insignificant because it always tries to maintain its best working condition, the isotonia, as far as possible. In the different tissues of the body, however, it is not the same.Here, acidosis and alkalosis can appear, which can be manifest or hidden (latent).The acid-bases mechanism of the body tends to a balance which is regulated by means of the vegetative nervous system.But how easily this balance can be disturbed by external influences on this nervous system or by internal disorders of the metabolism.Acids and bases are present in determined deposits in the body, e.g. in the colloidal connective tissue.

When a balance of acids and bases reigns, these cells are flushed several times a day by acid and basic material. In the urine the corresponding acid and basic tides exist. When we have an acidosis of the colloidal connective tissue organ, the urine, too, turns unilaterally acid and there is no basic tide. A lot of status of disease are accompanied by disorders of the acid and bases mechanism of the body.

Being able to influence the acid-bases relations has been the aim of the therapy for a long time already, having in mind above all a purification of the blood. It is also spoken of a returning of the vegetative nervous system. Both mean the same thing. All forms of the therapy work by means of the sympathetic nervous system, be it a treatment at a watering-place, taking the waters at a health resort, sweating (vapor baths) or a diet. The more the regulating conditions of this system can be influenced, the greater are the healing results. Because the Electrolytic Water can influence the condition of the metabolism regulated by the vegetative nervous system as well as the deposits of dross in connective tissue, it is a healing factor, even more so because it works at the basis of the phenomenon of life. In this manner Electrolytic Water could become a basic therapy for a lot of chronic diseases.
As well, it can alleviate constitutional one-sidednessor a diet. The more the regulating conditions of this system can be influenced, the greater are the healing results. Because the Electrolytic Water can influence the condition of the metabolism regulated by the vegetative nervous system as well as the deposits of dross in connective tissue, it is a healing factor, even more so because it works at the basis of the phenomenon of life. In this manner Electrolytic-Water could become a basic therapy for a lot of chronic diseases. As well, it can alleviate constitutional one-sidedness of the sympathetic nervous system. This basic therapy has to be guided by the conditions of acids and bases in the body. In the case of metabolic disorders, as for instance gout, lymphalism, kidney or gall-stones, the rheumatic diathesis, the obesity, eczema or diabetes, the acid or alkaline condition of the metabolism has to be alleviated. An acidosis requires the taking of alkaline or neutral Electrolytic-Water; an alkalosis the treatment with Electrolytic-Water „S“ or „N“ respectively.

If the choice of the correct water is not to be made by the time consuming experiment, it can easily be determined by the Electrolytic-Water Test. The prescription for this test can be obtained from the medical practitioner.


Electrolytic-Water should not be compared with a medicine which is given for healing a specific disease, but it brings the body again to a normal reaction condition by balancing its electrolytic household. It recreates anew the elementary supposition of life where it has been lost. By means of this central regulatory action, there is prepared at the same time the ground for an eventually necessary supplementary therapy in a very positive manner. Professor Baur, Munich. said to this topic in his great lecture on occasion of the Medical Congress 1964 at Karlsruhe: „Even the best therapy cannot help when the water-electrolytic household of the sick is disturbed.“

It has been recognized already for a long time that the balance of the electrolytic household is the main condition for the real success of the therapy and that many symptoms of a disease disappear when this balance is again established, eliminating, too, complications in a very short time.

Dosage: 3 times a day 100 to 200 ccm (at room temperature) to drink before meals, if not otherwise prescribed by the doctor.

A whole cure comprises generally 24 bottles of 1 liter.“


So far the manuscript of Richard A. Riedel about the electrolytic water therapy of Alfons Natterer in Germany.


“Der Neue Tag” newspaper with a full page article of Natterer


In the mid 70’s was 81 year old Natterer portrayed in the “Der Neue Tag” newspaper with a full page article on which indications of electrolyte water were then established.

Electrolyte water helps almost always and everywhere.


For which illnesses can electrolyte water be used? It can be drunk when healthy or ill! With the first trials that mainly dealt with Hydropuryl drinking cures, almost always could a success ful result be achieved with bile duct diseases, inflammation of the gall duct, gall stones, catarrhal jaundice, acute and chronic kidney infections, uremia, real arteriosclerosis, real essential hypertrophy, gout sediment, rheumatic disease, asthma, diabetes, stomach problems, affections of the tongue, Meniere’s disease, certain nervous conditions, etc.. Hydropuryl drink cures are prophylactic, even if no physical symptoms appear, and are recommended to everyone who lack exercise or movement, have an unbalanced diet, suffer constantly from constipation, etc. Fundamentally, electrolyte water can be drunk with all abnormal changes to the metabolism, as with heart and circulatory problems, stomach and intestinal trouble, joint diseases, rheumatism, gout and sciatica, kidney disease, liver and gall disease, neuritis and migraines.

With the so far mentioned therapeutic indications to apply topically on the skin and mucous membranes with an ointment, an inflammatory process is accompanied with redness, swelling, heat and often pain. That means all cell tissue infections, boils, insect stings, suppurating wounds, skin abrasions, etc. Furthermore, bruises from bumping yourself, squeezing, strains, twists, and also tendon and joint inflammation arisen in diverse ways, even joint rheumatism belongs to this. Just like mucosa irritation, arthroses or vein inflammation and thrombosis, overburdened varicose veins, varicose vein ulcers, all other ulcers, burn wounds, etc. With skin diseases in the narrower sense should fungal diseases of the feet etc., psoriasis, mucosa irritation of the genitals etc., be mentioned. Also in cosmetics have water and creams got a big clientele. Many cosmetics institutes use electrolyte water as a bathing and face water and the creams as day and night creams; furthermore these creams are particularly suitable for foot and leg care. Many thank you letters and daily visits prove again and again that a treatment with Hydropuryl water or with the ointment and the creams shows that the expectations are greatly exceeded and patients stop having doubts. They feel healthy again and are able to return fully to their daily patterns of work or family.“

(End of translation)

As Alfons Natterer died in 1981, in Japan and the Soviet Union the idea of what is possible with electro activated water had already gained a foothold.

There, scientific research had been going on for long, for the effects had also been recognized there. It just wasn’t understood why they occur. Also there, pragmatism prevailed: Who heals, is right.

Even though thousands of patients had been treated in Japanese and Russian hospitals, there were only case reports from doctors over patients. Nevertheless in 1992, already over a million water ionizers were sold in Japan.

The manufacturers of the devices were and still are certified as medicinal device manufacturers. Yet there are no established principles on the correct therapeutic procedure when using electro activated water.

The doctor’s don’t give multiple therapies, instead the patients follow their intuition, when they should drink and in what amount, in order to feel better.

Even though today we know much more about the work principle of alkaline activated water from Japanese research, we are still far from a systematic and safe therapeutic use.
But we know for sure: The water tastes good and does well.


PDF short version of the book | Electro Activated Water

Τhese are the pages 65-73

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