The new discussion about hydrogen

Dissolved hydrogen gas is antioxidant


The research of Japan’s Shigeo Ohta showed in 2007 that also molecular dissolved hydrogen gas, which is responsible for the negative ORP, has antioxidant properties.

Since then, molecular hydrogen gas is one of the most interesting subjects which is exploding in medicinal research.

It is a promising therapy for the most widespread noninfectious diseases.

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How Hydrogen Water Helps Cure Diseases and Improve Our Health

Molecular hydrogen combats, in particular the most destroying of all free radicals directly, the hydroxyl radical. It has an ORP of (+) 2300mV which puts it in the lead of cell destroyers, even above ozone (+ 2000 mV).H2 also doesn’t have any side effects compared to other highly effective antioxidants: It just makes water!

Lets get to the point of the year long discussions about the redox potential and hydrogen:
The redox potential is a side effect. The imaginative discussions about “free electrons” or “contactless transfer” are old news in 2016.

For the consumer of alkaline activated water this has very easy, practical consequences. All warnings about metal containers for keeping alkaline activated water can be ignored: it simply depends on wether the container is gas tight. Glass or stainless steel: irrelevant. On the other hand plastic containers, even ones that claim to be free of softening agents, should only be used short term for storing.

This also has consequences for the bottle size: Once opened and in contact with the atmosphere, hydrogen escapes inevitably and very quickly. Therefor the bottles shouldn’t be larger than the required drinking amount which can be consumed in a short time. It is about producing as much hydrogen as possible in the alkaline activated water and to maintain this content to the maximum until it is consumed.


Hydrogen escapes from the water into the atmosphere very quickly, for the oxygen previously removed with electrolysis is contained in the atmosphere with 21% and displaces the hydrogen until in balance.

There are companies that have developed O2 water and sell it successfully. It doesn’t contain any hydrogen at all. From our present point of view this is not useful. Oxygen is the burner, hydrogen is the fuel in our body. Only with the charging of NAD+ to NADH in the body is the energy storage with hydrogen made possible.

Albert von Szėnt-György has already presented this in his 1937 Nobel Prize acceptance speech – by the way, the same year that electrolyte water was registered in Germany as a specialty medicine. Hydrogen can only be obtained as an energy supply from foods. At the end of the metabolic process we gain hydrogen and the whole biochemical refinement of our cells serves the following purpose, to break down the oxyhydrogen reaction in various gentle steps.

Oxygen can be obtained in any desired quantity and is distributed to the cells via the lungs. In all normal situations is exclusively the distribution of hydrogen the problem in our organism.

With the help of alkaline, hydrogen rich, activated water can the metabolic chain be skipped, we can supply ourselves immediately with hydrogen without the respiratory chain and the citric acid cycle. Due to its tiny molecule size can hydrogen flow through the whole body, including the mitochondria, effortlessly. With alkaline activated water can the fuel of life be easily drunk. Additionally is hydrogen not only the smallest antioxidant, but also the most elegant.

For it doesn’t become a radical once it has given off its energy, it turns into water. Therefore the new question with alkaline activated water is: How do you get the most hydrogen gas dissolved in water which is suitable for drinking? Since about 2013 there is a heated debate around the world. I will deal with the ideas and flawed ideas in the next chapters.


PDF short version of the book | Electro Activated Water

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