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Dissolved hydrogen gas is antioxidant


At first we should remember what a classical water ionizer with diaphragm electrolysis does.
It divides water molecules and separates them in an anodic and cathodic compartment. So hydroxide ions are concentrated on the cathodic side and protons (H+ions) on the anodic side where they join with water-molecules to form H3O+ ions.

At the same times alkaline kations pass the membrane to the cathodic compartment and acidic anions pass it to the anodic compartment.
In the right compartment (alkaline electrolyzed water) pH increases, in the left compartment (acidic electrolyzed water) pH decreases.
So the cathodic water used for drinking between pH 8.5 – 9.5 is richer an alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium etc. than tap water.



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