The Nordenau phenomenon

The Nordenau water from the slate mine of Nordenau



Since Shirahata’s research, the Nordenau water from the slate mine of Nordenau has become famous outside of Germany. Although in Germany it is not allowed to sell it as a healing water, nowadays it is exported especially to its Korean fans. Some people claimed it to be a natural form of alkaline electrolyzed water.

The first time in 2006 I travelled there to test the water from the slate mine and could not find any sign of similarity to alkaline electrolyzed water.

It was only slightly alkaline (pH: 8.19) with an oxidant ORP of +134 mV (CSE).
Ten years later I tested the bottled Nordenau water and the pH value was even lower (7.5) and the ORP was even +244 mV (CSE).
Also there was no measurable hydrogen gas in it.
So I really doubt its antioxidant abilities.


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