The transfer of hydrogen onto aged food

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Water drinking. Yet it can also be avoided if you were to share Heinz Erhardt’s opinion.
One should also have a water ionizer. An important characteristic of alkaline activated water is its high content of hydrogen gas dH2.
With a good flow-through water ionizer this lies at a pH value of 9 and at room temperature between 1200 and 1300 micrograms/l. You should drink this water with a pH value of up to 9.5, which means, depending on which ionizer, 1250 to 1450 micrograms/l. If the water ionizer can reach higher pH values, for example pH 11, which should not be drunk long term, is a dH2 value of 1800 micrograms (1,8 mg) also possible. This can only be used for the transfer of hydrogen to other foods.
Since hydrogen is very willing to give off its electrons, a reduction of the ORP occurs, which signals an increase in electron availability.

The nutrition researcher Prof. Manfred Hoffmann claims in his book “From Life in Foods”, that a sinking ORP of respectively 18 mV means a doubling of the electron offer and that the difference in quality of a certain type of food is best measured objectively by measuring the ORP: The lower - the better!

A lower ORP is mostly seen in organic food. Yet it highly depends on the freshness.
For the ORP, and with that is meant the hydrogen content in the cell tissue of our nourishment, is very volatile. Hydrogen is the smallest of all elements and as a volatile gas can escape from organic structures virtually without any hindrance.

The decisive factor is that, by soaking foods in alkaline activated water, the hydrogen content is increased and is therefore “refreshed”.


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