Under The Counter Filters

These well distributed types of filters stop the filter cartridge from coming into contact with air.
This prevents the development of bacterial growth and is the huge advantage over pitcher filters.

Under the counter filters are not to be confused with domestic filter systems.
These clean all of the water in the house and usually only remove the sediment.
These types of filter systems can be cleaned mechanically by backwashing at certain intervals.
An under the counter filter only cleans the water used for drinking and cooking, but much more thoroughly.

Connection example: Aquaphor® K107 Filter cartridge with quick-release system


With a filter system, above you see the mounted tap that would have to be installed. Even a three-way-valve tap is possible. Like that you can choose from cold and hot water or filtered drinking water.

The actual filter with one or more disposable cartridges is connected to the water system under the sink with a T piece connector at the angle valve. The filter head has a very practical quick-release system which allows the cartridge to be exchanged without the need of a filter key. When you turn on the tap, water starts to flow through the filter.


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