Water Filtering At Home

Easy Drinking

Before we start: You don’t have to treat all of your cold water, just what you wish to drink and use for cooking.
So this is not more than 10 - 30 Liters a day.
The basis for optimizing drinking water is filtration.

There are different filters for drinking water.
But it is always necessary to divert it from the water pipeline.



The easiest method is to fill your water pitcher with cold tap water and wait for it to be filtered.

Pitcher filters reduce a lot of inorganic and organic water pollution with activated carbon and other filtering materials placed in a disposable cartridge.

The disadvantage is the unsealed, open design of the whole system.

As time goes by the possibility of pollutants and germs found in the air and from direct contamination from handling the pitcher can invade the system easily.
There is no protection.
The possibility of being infected is much greater with these water pitchers because it is not a safe method.


Pitcher filters tend to look similar, so you should enquire about the exact filtration rate before you decide to buy one.
Because there are great differences in the filtering materials used. In the picture, above right, you can see the different filtering efficiency of the chemical substance methylene blue.
On the left you see a Brita® filter, on the right you see a filter with Aqualen® filter media made by Aquaphor®. Filtration time 7 minutes.



A flow through water filter is the more elegant way. Also it is much faster and more hygienic. For example, there are countertop devices that can be mounted to the water tap. To fix it you simply unscrew the aerator and replace it with the tap diverter valve.

Picture: Aquaphor® Modern Countertop Filter with 2 Aqualen® filter cartridges.



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