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Electrolytic water ionizers (with built in filters) are one step ahead of water filters when dealing with water treatment:
They activate tap water by enriching it with alkalinity and selectively antioxidant hydrogen that neutralizes especially HydroxylRadicals.
In Far East like Japan, water ionizers are part of a healthy lifestyle since 1985.
When luxury apartments are sold there, it is not unusual for a water ionizer to be a buying incentive, for a third of all Japanese drink alkaline activated water.

The most technical know-how of how to make a domestic water ionizer comes from Japan.
Yet the Japanese industry today has been pushed back in the global market by competitors in South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

Water ionizers developed on the Soviet side hardly made a break through worldwide and are mostly made for professional use in the food and hygiene industry

The picture shows only a few models developed since 2008.
Since all devices were made in the Far East and designed for extremely soft water, European and American importers only focused on very strong devices which adapt to the requirements of hard water.

The author of this publication has contributed to this crucial development.


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