Water Is Not An Element

Lavoisier’s discovery

Shortly before the French Revolution Antoine de Lavoisier turned upside down the knowledge which science previously had.
Water was not a classical element, something previously believed:
it is combusted hydrogen thanks to the oxygen.
H2O is a formula where two gases have released energy and bonded as a molecule which, depending on the temperature, exists in a solid, liquid or gas state.
The importance of Lavoisier’s discovery was that water can be split back to its two basic components with a large supply of thermal energy.
This is called thermolysis.
Nowadays we know of the research done by Gerald Pollack, which is that small amounts of infrared thermal energy in water creates specific structures, so called exclusion zones, in which water can cleanse itself from foreign substances.

Before Lavoisier, Alessandro Volta developed the first battery.
In the year 1800 Johann-Wilhelm Ritter showed how water can be broken down to its gases with the low current of this battery through water electrolysis.

Consequently, he also produced water with these two gases through ignition.
Alessandro Volta noted that:
even the pH level of the water has changed because of electrolysis. Yet he did not pursue this.


Indicator: pH 7 (green), pH 5 (yellow), pH 9 (purple

The electrochemists were astonished with the possibilities of this easy technology. Yet no one saw this creation as drinking water.

Only since the 1930’s did the Munich engineer Alfons Natterer produce electrolyte water for the “treatment of metabolic diseases”. In the following years many operational purposes of alkaline as well as acidic water were investigated.

In 1966 in Japan the first “domestic water ionizer“ was developed by Yoshimi Sano, in particular to make alkaline water yourself.
As it was later discovered, this stores energy in the form of dissolved hydrogen gas and has an antioxidant effect.


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