Water swirlers

The pros and cons

If you were to compare wonderful, naturally flowing water from the countryside to water flowing through the pipelines to your tap, you cannot help thinking that water tastes much better in its natural environment.


So many inventors, especially in the 20th century, developed swirling devices with the aim of getting closer to creating a natural structure with the use of centrifugal or centripetal forces and a better tasting water.
This goal is reached by most of these devices. How does this work?

Lets observe the effect of strong swirling, created by a household mixer when mixing water. To illustrate this point clearly I have coloured the water with pH indicator drops. Green shows a neutral pH value at pH 7, blue is in the pH 8 level. The mixer makes the water more alkaline than before. It is obvious that this occurs because of a gas exchange, since no minerals were added to the mix. Carbon dioxide in the water is displaced by oxygen, since the air mixed in contains much more oxygen than CO2.

Yet an electro chemical change takes place simultaneously: If we swirl hydrogen rich alkaline activated water with a negative ORP (-)204 mV (CSE)3 for minutes in a swirler named Twister, the ORP rises to +14 mV. Oxygen displaces hydrogen and it gasses out, also with the “levitation” resulting from the maelstrom.


A water ionizer releases a strong swirling force on water in the electrolytic cell which then bubbles over in the form of hydrogen to the cathode. Previously the hydrogen was bonded in water molecules. An additional swirler, for example in the form of a vortex nozzle, destroys the antioxidant properties of alkaline activated water.
At the same time swirling also leads to the precipitation of calcium and magnesium, to softer water. This should not always be seen positively.



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