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Hydrogen loss


The apple freshly picked from the tree, the gherkin freshly picked from the field – that is how we most enjoy the taste. Yet the apple from Australia and the gherkin from Spain have lost a lot of its vital energy on the long transport routes until we can take a bite. A lot of water loss can be avoided by cooling and vacuum packaging. Like that the produce still looks fresh and not wilted when we buy them. But the loss of hydrogen cannot be stopped so easily this way. What we see is apparent freshness. Most people can certainly taste and smell the difference of a freshly picked fruit from the tree or field and food that has had a long journey.

But freshness can be objectively measured: The Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

Left an example:

Half an apple (Braeburn variety) is laid for 1 hour in alkaline activated water pH 9,5 and an ORP of (-) 395 mV (CSE). The other half is not, only measured.

  • Output measurement of the apple: (+) 328 mV (CSE)
  • Final ORP of the apple (+) 232 mV (CSE)
  • Absolute ORP difference 88 mV

The electron range of the apple doubled almost five times by soaking it for 60 minutes in alkaline activated water!
The reason for this is the dH2 which permeates the apple and allows the ORP to sink.


How much ORP gain is possible?


Mostly a short immersion in electro activated water is sufficient, especially if the food has a soft skin or shell, like red currants or apricots.

An example of red currants immersed for 30 minutes in alkaline activated water pH 9,8 with ORP (-) 413 mV (CSE)

  • ORP of red currants: (+) 068 mV (CSE)
  • Final ORP: (-) 250 mV (CSE)
  • Absolute ORP difference: 318 mV

Half an apricot is immersed for 20 minutes in alkaline activated water pH 9,9 with ORP (-) 429 mV (CSE). The other half is only measured.

  • Untreated half: (+) 348 mV (CSE)
  • Treated half: (-) 209 mV (CSE)
  • Absolute ORP difference: 557 mV

With skinless foods, such as raw meat or fish, is an immersion of just 2-3 minutes enough for a substantial effect to take place.


PDF short version of the book | Electro Activated Water

These are page 43-44

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