High Intensity Training (HIT) | Dr. Mike VanDerschelden

High Intensity Interval Training with Dr. Mike VanDerschelden Because it really fits have I placed this video presentation on the website, for it fully corresponds with my philosophy, even if I have seldomly applied it. In my opinion I also train like this, even if rarely, I perform this training [...]

Say no to (plastic) water bottles!

Collection of reasons as to why you should not use plastic water bottles, even glass water bottles. Must this really be when it is so easy and cheap to filter almost every water? With this post I would like to collect on site the water treatment possibilities before drinking to [...]

Dr. Robert Young | Lecture in Munich 2015 | Alkaline Water

Interview with Dr. Robert Young | Munich | 2015 Finally ready | Interview with Dr. Robert Young We proudly present the probably best quality video in the world wide web with Dr. Robert Young, the Guru for alkaline food and water. The second part of the interview will soon follow. [...]

AQUAVOLTA EOS Touch | Water ionizer | New Imagevideo

AQUAVOLTA EOS Touch | Water ionizer | Imagevideo EOS TOUCH Water ionizer - 9 Huge Electrodes The 12 level, easy to change XXL double filter system offers the best possible pre cleansing and taste improvement. The big 7" TFT-colour display all functions clearly and simultaneously serves as a control [...]

Always more fascinated by the EOS Water Ionizer

  A huge thank you to EOS and to Kim, Eul-Hwan, the "President" of EOS and his team. The EOS Lydia water ionizers, then under the German brand name Bionlite Platinion Classic with 5 electrodes and the Bionlite Platinion X-Cell Ultra, where for me personally, always too weak for our [...]

Kangen Enagic® SD 501 from Leveluk is now optimized

Leveluk Enagic® Kangen SD 501 Water Ionizer The Kangen Enagic LeveLuk SD 501 is the most popular and most sold water ionizer model from Enagic®. As a flagship from the Leveluk models, it has seven titanium electrodes which are platinum coated. Yet don't be mistaken, just because it is so well known, [...]