Electro Activated Alkaline Water Philosophy

Electros-Activated Alkaline Water | Philosophy and History


Karl Heinz Asenbaum presents with this video his  “Dubai Christmas Speech” for the year 2015. He tells the whole story of alkaline ionized water and shows that a waterionizer is an invention with an extraordinary potential.

The author of 4 german books about reduced water: "Service Manual Man", "Drink yourself alkaline", "Basic active water from A-Z", "Electro-activated water - an invention with extraordinary potential" comes to the conclusion, that alkaline activated water is going to become a revolution of the drinking culture. Also he proposes to use it to improve our daily food just by laying it in alkaline activated reducing water to stop the oxidation and reverse aging. The Video shows not only a speech, but presents also many reports of the experiments with electrochemically activated water, Karl H. Asenbaum undertakes since 2004. Finally Asenbaum claims that hydrogen-rich water (HRW), which is made best with a water ionizer with diaphragm, will play a fundamental role in the upcoming hydrogen era.


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