Testimonial Water Ionizer | How to find the EOS Touch online | Denmark

Following one new client testimonial, which has reached me by Email Mo.29.Feb.2016:


Hi Yasin,

I initially searched for “Water Ionizer” which gave a lot of international results.

I became aware of “Enagic Leveluk” which is one of the original water ionizers.

I found review pages where the model Tyent MMP models were mentioned – also the EOS models came up. An example page were:

Since most “english search results” appeared to be from USA – I started searching german pages for Tyent and EOS model. So I searched google for “wasserionisierer” hoping to find some german pages where I can order from within Europe / EU.

Here I found the AquaCentral.de pages as top search results ?

I learned though some pages that “Tyent USA” has been creating “fake” review pages to promose Tyent.
Also they have used a very agressive marketing strategy. This made me look more to EOS than to Tyent.

So I started to become interested in the EOS Touch model to find best prize:


Here the AquaCentral.com page came up with the good offer for 1970€ for EOS Touch.

I also searched youtube for “wasserionisierer” and found your review videos of EOS Touch :o)

Best Regards

Thomas R. J.


On 2016-02-29 21:03, Yasin Akgün wrote:
Thank you for the information,
I am sorry, for the hard history.
I hope, the alkaline water will support you properly, I am sure it will.
Did you then find the www.aquacentrum.com sites first?
Or a video on youtube?
All best


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