Marcus S.: For 4 months I have been using an ionizer to produce alkaline activated water.
Why do you not recommend a mineral water ionizer that works without electricity?
Sigrun F.: Should anyone use alkaline activated water for intestinal cleansing (enemas) as well?
Uli S.: Can it be that at some point, if all acid is flushed out, that the urine should transition to alkaline?


Lydia O.: In your “Service Manual Human” book you wrote, that you have been diagnosed with cancer at the age of 45. That was 14 years ago. Has the alkaline activated water let you survive?
Frieda S. : With your recommendations for water ionizers you always state the hardness levels in °dH (degree of German water hardness).
Joachim M.: How big are the water clusters in the individual water ionizers recommended by you?
Hendrik L.: My medical practitioner says that as soon as alkaline activated water comes into contact with the stomach acid,
Armin K.: Why do you still need to measure the redox potential of the alkaline activated water when you have already determined the pH? The Nernst equation can be used for the conversion?
Richard T.: Although I have drunk daily 2 liters of alkaline activated water for a year and my diet is healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables, my body analysis scale always shows me to be below 55% of body water. Do I need to drink more water?
Marianne S.: The people of Hunza are ancient – though they almost exclusively drink mineral poor glacier water. Do you really believe that mineral rich alkaline activated water is better?
Andrea W.: When I told my doctor that I now take alkaline activated water against my hyperacidity
Hildgard F.-K.: I want two weeks of fasting for purification. As well as alkaline water should I also take Glauber’s salt or any dietary supplement?
Daniela G.: I read in Dietmar Fergers book “Jungbrunnenwasser” (Fountain of Youth Water) that it is not recommended “to drink alkaline activated water at the beginning of a pregnancy,
Hiltrut G.: When staying many years ago in Bad Fussing I learned at a lecture by Dr. Walter Irlacher about alkaline activated water and acquired a water ionizer.
Michael W.: Can small water clusters be better absorbed by the cells than water with bigger cluster formations?
Heinrich H.: The U.S. researcher Tyler LeBaron writes that the content of dissolved hydrogen is the sole therapeutic advantage of activated water, even if “mildly alkaline water” from a water ionizer from the same drinking area as you, say between pH 8 and 9, is certainly recommended.
Measuring the ORP
Mario M: How much alkaline activated water should I drink to lose weight?
Johannes R.: How long can I drink the alkaline activated water? How long is it active? When does it lose its usefulness?
Roman R.: I have read that the electrodes should always be dry after use. How so?
Since the nature of electro-activated water was not understood up until recently, since 1931 over 50 different descriptions have emerged,
The definition “water ionizer”, which appeared around 30 years ago, originally defines electrolysis cells with a diaphragm,
Andrea G.: Yesterday a representative was at my house and measured the water of my water ionizer. It definitely has more ppm than tap water!
We have a water ionizer with a Flow-Change-System, where you can obtain alkaline activated water immediately. Sadly, first it comes out of the device warm. I want to let the water flow for a while until it is cold. Should I unplug it for this or can I let it ionize beforehand?
PPM means Parts Per Million. With a conductivity metre you can measure the number of all dissolved particles. Often the conductance is also shown in microsiemens.
The incorporated indicator drops that come with a water ionizer are too imprecise for me. Which electric pH-metre do you recommend?
Sandra P.: On the webpage I had 3 “secret water reports” sent to me. In the third part of the secret report it advises heavily against drinking alkaline activated water.
When comparing filter coffee with a pH around 5 and soluble Arabica coffee with a pH around 6,
Which salt should I add to my salt shaft in my water ionizer to have the redox potential boosted optimally?
André H.: My activated acidic water doesn’t really get acidic when I set my ionizer to “acidic”. Yet when I sample the acidic water from the run off water pipe during alkaline water production, it is, at least, a little bit acidic.
I have bought myself a water ionizer and am very taken by the taste of the water. Up until now I have always taken a combination tablet with organic minerals. Should I continue doing this?
Which connection method do you recommend for the water mains?
A baby needs nappies, a dog has to go for walks, a coffee maker and an ionizer has to be descaled. It goes with the system.
The new water ionizer is being used for the last few weeks in our accountancy office by our co-workers.
Eberhard P.: In your video presentation “The Redox-Revolution” you speak of an increased calcium content in alkaline activated water.
Sahra W.: In your book “Drink yourself alkaline”, you wrote how alkaline water concentrate can be made with a batch ionizer. How long does the Redox Potential/ORP keep?
For how long can I drink activated water? How long is it activated? When does it loose its benefit?
Ulrich K.: Japanese ionizers are usually much more expensive than Korean or Chinese ones. Are they better, because the Japanese have much more experience making water ionizers?
Engelbert D.: At an event a doctor showed me the unique effect of Kangen® water. Now you write in your book “Drink yourself alkaline” only about alkaline water”. What is the difference?