Marcus S.: For 4 months I have been using an ionizer to produce alkaline activated water.
Why do you not recommend a mineral water ionizer that works without electricity?
Uli S.: Can it be that at some point, if all acid is flushed out, that the urine should transition to alkaline?
Sigrun F.: Should anyone use alkaline activated water for intestinal cleansing (enemas) as well?


Lydia O.: In your “Service Manual Human” book you wrote, that you have been diagnosed with cancer at the age of 45. That was 14 years ago. Has the alkaline activated water let you survive?
Frieda S. : With your recommendations for water ionizers you always state the hardness levels in °dH (degree of German water hardness).
Joachim M.: How big are the water clusters in the individual water ionizers recommended by you?
Hendrik L.: My medical practitioner says that as soon as alkaline activated water comes into contact with the stomach acid,
Armin K.: Why do you still need to measure the redox potential of the alkaline activated water when you have already determined the pH? The Nernst equation can be used for the conversion?
Richard T.: Although I have drunk daily 2 liters of alkaline activated water for a year and my diet is healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables, my body analysis scale always shows me to be below 55% of body water. Do I need to drink more water?
Marianne S.: The people of Hunza are ancient – though they almost exclusively drink mineral poor glacier water. Do you really believe that mineral rich alkaline activated water is better?
Andrea W.: When I told my doctor that I now take alkaline activated water against my hyperacidity
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