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What is the difference between electrolyte water and activated water?

Engelbert D.: At an event a doctor showed me the unique effect of Kangen® water. Now you write in your book “Drink yourself alkaline” only about alkaline water”. What is the difference?

  • The original German term for activated water was coined by the inventor Alfons Natterer and was called “electrolyte water” up until the 1980’s, since it is made with electrolysis. In the introduction of this book I have named various other terms which are in use as well. All these terms refer to alkaline, acidic or neutral water types, that have been treated with electrolysis. The hallmark of electrolysis is, that a molecule and ion separation takes place in the water when a continuous electric current is fed. Nothing is added to the water, something that happens when a chemical water ionization takes place.
  • The first publication that used the term was in the book by Dietmar Ferger: “ Alkaline activated water – How it works and what it does”, Lörrach 2006. Since then activated water has become a mainstream term in Germany. Kangen®Water, Aquion®Activated water, etc. are copyrighted brand names of different companies, since the German Patent and Trade Mark office declined patenting the term.
  • The main point of activated water is the length of its activity, known as the relaxation time. During this time it displays abnormal properties, which can be used medically and technically, so it is described as functional water.

Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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