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Durability of ORP from a self produced alkaline water concentrate

Sahra W.: In your book “Drink yourself alkaline”, you wrote how alkaline water concentrate can be made with a batch ionizer. How long does the Redox Potential/ORP keep?

  • After many tries with keeping and diluting alkaline water concentrates, I advise against it, even the home made one. Even if you make it from a balanced mix of sodium, potassium and distilled water, in the end you only have a diluted caustic potash and caustic lye, which has no taste and only contains a chemically produced negative Redox Potential, which becomes uninteresting when diluted. The relaxation period of electric activation with diluted concentrates doesn’t hold longer than with ready to drink alkaline activated water.

Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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The Munich-based journalist has been working on the topic of "alkaline activated water" since 2004. For 12 years he worked closely with the alternative physician Dr. Walter Irlacher, with whom he wrote two successful books: "Service Manual for Humans” (Service Handbuch Mensch) (2006) and "Drink Yourself Alkaline” (Trink Dich basisch) (2008,2011). Since 2014 he has been contributing his knowledge and experience to Aquacentrum and giving lectures worldwide. “Electro-activated Water", the world's most comprehensive book on the subject, was published in 2016. View all faqs by Karl Heinz Asenbaum 

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