Body water


Richard T.: Although I have drunk daily 2 liters of alkaline activated water for a year and my diet is healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables, my body analysis scale always shows me to be below 55% of body water. Do I need to drink more water?


Body water

The World Health Organisation indicates 60 – 65% body water for men, for women 50 – 55%, for children 60 – 75%. Now apparently due to the measurement with bio impedance scales, or a body fat meter, you suspect to be dehydrated. I think this is very unlikely, since these scales are usually very inaccurate. Talk to your doctor about this suspicion, he can tell you shortly without scales if you are not supplied with enough water.

If you actually are, he will not necessarily advise you to drink more. Perhaps he has prescribed, because of high blood pressure or heart failure, diuretic medication to keep the body water deliberately low. Maybe you have more of a female body with more fat tissue, where 50 – 55% is optimal. Or you are overweight.

Sometimes a vegetarian diet is so low in salt that your body cannot hold water. Then a pinch of salt in your water is sufficient to improve this deficiency. Already Batmanghelidj has recommended this kind of water drinking.

All these questions can be briefly cleared by your doctor. I can only say that you definitely do not drink too little alkaline activated water. Either, you don’t have a problem, or the problem has a different cause.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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