Lydia O.: In your “Service Manual Human” book you wrote, that you have been diagnosed with cancer at the age of 45. That was 14 years ago. Has the alkaline activated water let you survive?

  • Maybe. But my doctor wouldn’t have agreed on that, even though the measurable cancer test results have been diminishing continuously and apart from drinking alkaline activated water, I didn’t allow any other therapeutic methods. He also said:” There are no healthy people – most just weren’t properly checked up!” Because everyone gets cancer constantly since body cells permanently degenerate. The question however is, how much can our immune system keep in check? And its capability seems enough for me. It is for sure however that the often mentioned Warburg hypothesis on growing cancer cells cannot spread in a alkaline environment is wrong, since the tumour can protect itself with specific enzymes. Therefore I consequently refuse to support any thesis on fighting cancer with alkaline activated water, also if only used for prophylaxis. At least when the cancer, like in most cases of a cancer diagnosis, has afflicted the cells in a non-irreversible measure.
  • In the book “Drink yourself alkaline”, we therefore refused to include healing reports and wrote that alkaline activated water can be a grain against cancer but only many grains together can build a castle.
  • It is well known that in some Japanese cancer clinics patients get to drink alkaline activated water as part of a conventional medical treatment.  Prof. S. Shirahata spoke in an interview on WDR of even drinking 4-6 litres daily. One reason might be that after a radiological or chemotherapeutical treatment of Prof. Shirahata, firstly proven “radical catcher functions” of alkaline activated water seemed highly welcomed by doctors.
  • On the other hand one of the discoveries of the Russian activated water research was that alkaline activated water could act as radiation protection. Its application could be therefore downright counterproductive in radiation therapy. Doctor and patient here should always work and agree on closely together.
  • In the book “Ionisiertes Wasser” by Dina Aschbach, tumour-inhibiting attributes of alkaline activated water have been shown in an animal study.
  • Prof. Ashot Kathatryan Papikovich developed a special cancer treatment plan with activated water (Source: , there you can also find images). Treatment progresses of breast –and skin cancer in the third and fourth stages with metastases were presented here photographically. Accordingly, the therapy lasted 24 days and worked with catholyte and anolyte with a specific pH and ORP.
  • These activated liquids can be drunk, given as an enema for intestinal cleansing with repopulation of bacteria and as infusions. Alkaline water mixed with oxygen will be drunk. There are baths in acidic and alkaline active water as well as covers with anolyte and catholyte. Short-term improvements are clearly visible on the pictures; however, medium –and long-term improvements or even cures with final images do not exist according to the best of my belief.
  • D. Aschbach confirmed in her book (Ionisiertes Wasser, Hochheim 2010, p.171) at least the reproducibility of this method. This book is now only available second hand in Germany.
  • V. Prilutsky and V. Bakhir (a. a. O. p112) reported of cancer treatment trials by the Russian inventor D. I. Krotov, which starts for the first three days with a “shock dose” of highly oxidative activated water (anolyte) and then followed by a drinking period of highly antioxidant activated water (catholyte). So far, I couldn’t identify any information about the success of this treatment.
  • During a Korean animal experiment with skin cancer infected mice, it showed that mice that were given alkaline activated water had a reduced tumour growth and lived significantly longer. The effect is based on the radical catcher ability of alkaline activated water (Lee, K-J., u.a. Anticancer Effect of alkaline reduced water).
  • There are also examples of cancer infected animals: Animals soaked in alkaline activated water always have smaller tumours than the control groups soaked in tap water (links from pictures originating from Youtube videos on the photos).
  • However, I have never seen the disappearance of a tumour in one of those animals documented.  The same applies for cancer treatments in humans. There are quite impressive evidences on tumour inhibition, but no evidence of a curative effect on cancer.
  • Sanetaka Shirahata and others found out in a basic research study (Telomere Shortening in Cancer Cells by electrolyzed reduced water, Springerverlag 1998) that alkaline activated water can shorten the chromosomes and thus the lifespan of tumour cells significantly. This would be a possible explanation for an anti-cancer effect; but this is just basic research and still far away from actual cancer therapy.

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Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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